Friday, July 21, 2006

To Doctors

I know there is a test to detect if a new born baby is a male or female
Is there any test to check the HUMANITY


  1. In that photo you can see that the IDF soldiers trying to arrest a suicide bomber, because he tried to turn on his bomb, the soldiers needed to neutralize him.

    This is pure self defense.

    You disgust me with these lies.

  2. Only truth hurts ...

    Let there be Truth !

  3. What a great notice you have.
    But you forget to notice other things in the same picture:
    1-If it is true he had a bomb with him, why he did not bomb it just before arresting him???
    2-Why does a suicide bomber bomb himself in an empty street???
    If your answer will be , they evacuated the street before he did it, I will say : If that was a true, why he did not bomb himself while they are evacuating???
    3-What seems that this picture was in the occupied territories, because at least there are two other persons near by and arrested. If you are going to say they all suicide bombers, why the one wearing the white shirt did not bomb his bomb???
    4-Last thing, after killing him by hand in a shoot in his head, why they brought the robot???
    You would say to defuse the bomb. That will take us again to the first question!!!