Thursday, July 27, 2006

The price

For Silence and Sharing in Marowahen Slaughter

Aljazeera ,Getty Image


  1. Keep up the good work at this site!

  2. yes keep on spreading haetred!!!!

  3. Don't forget who stroke the UN in 1996 and today after 10 years.
    I liked what Mr.Beri said that during the last 10 years there was no any progress at the humanity level in the UN forces towards the Lebanese civilians.
    In 1996 , the killers, stroke the UN headquarters and killed 103 civilians were there.
    Today I think the Lebanese people were in somehow "lucky" because they did not make the same mistake again and asked a shelter from the UN. Otherwise we will have another Qana.

  4. Here's my 50 cent again.

    -- Tomer

  5. I can not understand why you bring this.
    Any way, I hope if you could manage to bring the whole interview, because all of those comment she was saying , the other person replied them totally. Even, he asked her several questions but she could not replay. That even the host started to make funny from her. By the way she kept writing articles insulting the host why he picked her up to make this show.
    Another thing you might knew about , she did another interview with Israelis radio station , in that interview she said a lot of things that she want to be Israelis and love Israel and all of that things. I HAVE HEARD IT.
    So really it prove nothing to put it here, but any way I will keep it , because really it mean nothing.
    I think the Arab people know this woman very well.

  6. Here is the link from that Interview with "Israel National Radio"
    Here is the link for the original Interview with Al-Jazeera>

  7. what is obvious for me and for everyone who studied the history of judaism and zionism that alot of them converted to other religons like Christianity and Islam just to reach certains aims and to falsify those religions! simply if she loves israel so much and wants to go there she might be one of those hypocrites and she regrets it a lot and want to go back to her roots!
    who cares about her non reasonable anger and hatred, its not the subject u can see the subject here is Israeli Crimes and not Pro Israel around the world , why dont u start ur own pro israeli show somewhere else?

    keep visiting please to show how despaired you are but dont forget to mention ur original name always! got it?

    2cur N Truth

  8. hahahahahah
    not a surprise that Wafa Sultan in famous among the Israelis, simply it is from them.
    By the way in the other interview some one called and started to say verses from Talmud about killing the non Jews. Her colour changed and she got totally confused. Then she said I do not know about any religions she is secular. Then the host asked her , Well since you do not know about the religions who you allowed to your self to attack them and say things not correct about them???
    Of course she could not answer.
    What I want to say is, OK you can take her. No one in the Arab side wants her.

  9. Thanks for the invitation, I appericiate your hospitallity.

    There was no particular reason for this to appear in this specific post. however, that movie is talking in a broader prespective than this specific incident.

    We all know I'm Israeli, and apperantly you all think we are lairs and theifs...
    Anything I say about Muslim and Arabs will be dismissed.
    So, I'm showing what someone that does know Islam and grew up within the muslim society thinks.
    (you might want to compare it to the Jewish people with the lebanon flag... )

    I especially liked the sentence:
    "no Jew has blown himself up in a German restaurant"..
    I guess I don't understand Islam otherwise I would have a response for that.

    This blog is about Israel's crimes as you say, but it's totally one sided. it does not try to understand the other side. Always blame blame blame, never try to contemplate why.
    And do you honestly believe in your last point about Jewish people converting ? Is everything with Jewish people a conspiracy ?

    -- Tomer
    The link you provided was in Arabic.
    We have a saying in hebrew that goes something like this:
    "you're convincing the already convinced..."

  10. Listen Tomer,
    most probably that this women is a Christine , she is not even Muslim. So again it prove nothing.
    Even she hate the Christine in her own town in Syria. She stayed out side the US embassy for 24 hours just to get the VISA. This is true about her and she has a website to write there.
    Now regarding this blog. From its name it is about Israel's crimes . Simply YOU WILL NOT FIND HERE ANYTHING ELSE.
    You already have the CNN, thousands of news agencies, newspaper, websites and even satellites which only broadcast your point of view. I can understand that you can not bear this. Some one is showing a face you do not want to show.
    To understand ISLAM first you should hear someone talking positively about it. Of course if you kept hearing such thing you will never be able to understand it.
    Another example for the misguiding in that interview is actually Those whom blasted restaurant in Germany , were secular and socialism. They did not came from Religion backgrounds.
    For the Arabic interview, surly you can find some one who can translate it to you. Then you will see what a weak were she when she said those sentences.

  11. shalom Tomer:
    you really make us israeli people ashamed when you speac with that logic
    please go to this link,


  12. here's another link to the article, for some reason I could not access it via that link.

    that's what I love about Israel, everybody gets to speak their opinion... 3 Jews = 4 opinions...

    Dear Israeli fellow,
    I consider myself a left-winged person, I am all for for peace, but for what price ? giving up all of Israel ?

    I suggest you read the entire conversation I had conducted with the operators of this blog.
    I'm sorry to say that we didn't even reach a minor understanding.

    here's the link to our conversation

    besides, be ashamed ?
    did I attack ? I only defended!
    for showing the opinions of other people ?
    and for speaking my opinion to people that think that all Jews\Israeli are lairs, theifs, rapist and murderers ?
    that the Holocause didn't happen ?
    that Jewish people would convert their religion to gain money or do evil ?

    sheesh... you are blind my brother.
    morality might not be on my side, buy sanity is not on yours.
    -- Tomer

    p.s. I do not live in northen Israel.