Friday, July 21, 2006

Its right to "defend" its self

against INNOCENTS !!!

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  1. amm how i like to visit this site

    i just like to see the power of the bommers...

    "If you mess whit the best
    You die like the rest."

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  3. I am agree with Iran and Arab people... we should delete Israil from the map since they do not belong to the human species...
    Israil are the worest people in the world and they are the source of the terrism .. SO

    Fuck to Isrial

    The Death to Israil

    Europ Union

  4. To RRaslan ,

    It's attitude like yours that make Europeans and Americans satnd against us in times like this . If Israelis choose violence , of both words and actions , we should chose self control of our feelings . At least online . And let the images speak , as they are worth a million words .

    So please , think twice before throwing explicit comments . Thank you .

    Let there be Truth !

    may I remind you the circumstances that initiated this specific event and so-called war on Lebanon.

    It was the HIZBULLA, an organization recognized by the United Stated as a Terror Organization that had attacked 6 soldiers and 5 civilians, killing one and kidnapping two after a cease-fire of over 6 years.

    This heinous crime was a gang-up on Israel while it was trying to rescue yet another Israeli soldier that was kidnapped (along with another 18 year old CIVILIAN which was murdered later on) by the HAMAS.

    Remarkably, both of those acts, in Gaza and in South Lebanon occured after Israel had withdrawn all of her forces (and settlers) from both locations.

    Now, please explain to me why should we deprive ourselves from protection ?

    Hizbulla is MAINLY targeting civilians in Israel, acting just as you would expect from a terror organization - attacking and bombing any city in Israel that it can. they don't event claim (as Israel does) that they are firing at non-civilians. just 2 days ago, they "accidently" killed 2 Arab kids while they were playing soccer. Nasralla apologized for that. You see, HIZBULLA doesn't care about civilians.

    Israel willingly warns (check CNN) vilages before they are bombed (both in Lebanon and in Gaza). do HIZBULLA do the same ?

    crimes against humanity ?
    I'll tell you what a crime against humanity is. suicide bombers that explode at a club enterance killing 15 kids just because they can speak hebrew and have blond hair.

    Finally. I too wish it would all stop, but practically, there's no one to talk to on the Palestinian side (just a bunch of tribes fighting among themselves) and with the Lebanese goverment, which doesn't dare take control over it's south although it was supposed to (UN decision 1599 I believe), there's no use in talking.

    face it. the HIZBULLA took all of Lebanon hostage and is driving them down hill.

    -- Tomer

  6. Fuck To Isrial

    The Death for Isrial

    They are not Human... They do not know what is the humanity is?? they are humanity killer...

    We are all Europian know about Isrial and now them well.. I am working at Finnish company and we have some Isrialian stuff and they are the most source of the problems in this company.. we should fire them...yes and we whould delet Isrial from the map.. Yes for Hezallah and yes for Hamas they have the right for the defence about there beatiful contries that distroied by Fucking Israilain..
    They are the counties for the peace becuase the source of the peace "jesus" and he will appear again there...

    We are the christians arround the world asking to protect those anncent people and Muslims people from Fucking Isrialian


    Europ Union : All for one, One for all

    first may i remind u that the USA credibelity is under questions since the war on Iraq was prooved to be built on a fake reasons,which were all excuses to justify it(and the example for one of it is: the US government confessed that they couldnt find any nuclear weapons due to a fake sourses of infos which claim that) we can simply conclude that doesnt proove Hizbollah to be aterrorist organization.
    u mentioned the (1559 UN decision which says that Hizbollah is to drop off their weapons)and let me remind u of (338 and 242) UN decisions which say that Israel shoud withdraw backwards to the borders of 1967 which never happend yet,inadditions to (425 UN decision)which says that Israel should withdraw from the south of Lebanon which has been achieved few years ago not due to the UN efforts but israel was forced to due to Hizbolla and that was after 15 years of that decisions.PS:plz notice the huge difference between the numbers of the dicesions which reflects the era between each.
    Finaly let me tell u that u cant compare the kidnapping of 2 trained soldiers with killing a nation in revenge by launching rockets against Lebanese civilians,and such a deed from Israel is not new did u forget how israelis soldiers use palastinian children as human shields to transgress the civilians in the ocupied palastinian territory thats anti-humanity!!!
    u mentioned that palastinians are bunch of tribes ,if u have any slight background of history u wont say so palastinians r existed in this land since Mouses time and now thanks to israel which made them refugees in the whole world whats more building an enormous separetiong wall cutting who remain from palastinians from from their jobs, students from their jobs ,their schools and all from access to medical care plus from the resources of waters,for further info about this wall visit:
    so stop all this hypocrites who do u think u r fooling!!!!

  8. Well Mr.Tomer,
    I was waiting this since long time. That some one like you comes and say who started this? Also, saying that Hizbullah and Hamas "kidnapped" soldiers.
    First, let's reorder the things together. I will not go far back till 1948.
    No, Just one month only. Exactly till the day when the FIFA world cup started.
    Did not the Israelis battleship killed more than 20 people, (10 from one family), whom were having a picnic in a resort at the cost of Gaza. This was before taking the soldier as a prisoner of war by Hamas. Did any one response to that? Unfortunately NO. (I will post some pictures for that)
    Keep in your mind that there are more than 11000 civilians as prisoners in your jails. It is another story their suffering inside. At least there are 180 women and 30children less than 10 years.
    Let's go back to the soldiers matter. Can you tell me if you are a solider in any country what are your options? Well, you have three options if you went to a war. Either to come back alive, or to die or to be a prisoner of war.
    So what was the wrong if your "well trained" soldiers were not able to defend themselves against amateur groups of fighters in the sake of God and freedom? Your soldiers were so weak and lost the first option.
    So far we are talking about what happened in Gaza.
    Now you are wondering why Hizbullah get inside Israel and kidnapped the two soldiers.
    Let me first correct some points in your story.
    -Hizbullah's group did not kill your soldiers in Israel. NO, they came back safely with the two soldiers ONLY. Then a group of 20 Israelis soldiers entered the Lebanese territories and get inside south of Lebanon for 40 meters. At that point, Hizbulla's fighters get combat with them. Again your soldiers were so weak. 8 died and the rest escaped with injuries, lift behind a tank. Israeli army tried to go inside and take the bodies and the tank but FAILED, in all 4 times of his tries. Is that an army or what??? Then you started to bomb Lebanon.
    -So is there is any excuses for Hizbullah to do that?
    Yes there is. Look what your command did after the taking the solider in Gaza. They RE-ENTERED Gaza and the West bank. As you said they withdraw from Gaza. In Gaza and West bank, you kidnapped ministers and members of parliaments (CIVILIANS and not soldiers). So, is it allowed for them to invade others territories and not allowed for the others to the same???
    Yet, every day since last summer when they withdraw, every day there were victims. Hamas seized fire for 16 months and Israel not even for single day.
    Please think about the "suicides" from this point of view. If any one came to your home, land, country and killed your parents, rapped your sister & brothers. Can you tell me what you will do? Can you have any reason to live any more?
    It is true that your army said to the people evacuate before killing them. But look to the whole picture: they have destroyed the roads and bridges. Even the local tiny roads connecting the small villages together were destroyed. No way to escape. Even the small group which managed to escape, your air force could kill them and we got Marwaheen Slaughter, the first post in this blog.
    Now it is my turn to show you more truths.
    Since this started, did you hear any press declaration from the Israeli army that they killed a single fighter????
    Did they publish any single picture that they destroy any military target in Lebanon???
    I challenge you to show me such pictures. I am living in a country showing the news from your point of view. Not even once they showed such picture.Simply because it is not exist. Your army is targeting only civilians.
    Finally, it never happened during the history of any nation that to re-get the "kidnapped" soldiers you have to destroy a complete country.

  9. Back by popular demand...

    here are some counter-counter points to yours

    you claim that IDF killed a family of 10 in the Gaza beach
    I did see the press coverage of that and was shocked as well from the horrific images.
    However, after investigation it was determined that the IDF
    did not shoot at that time at all to that specific region
    (there was an undergoing attack elsewhere at the time)
    while questioning the photographer, his time-line did not correspond to the time of the actual report of the event.
    there are speculations that an old HAMAS bomb discharged killing those civilians (and not for the first time).
    moreover, at the same time, and ever since Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip, HAMAS was firing rockets on a DAILY BASIS
    at civilians (the cities of Sderot and Ashkelon).
    how did Israel react to that ? it didn't.

    you said
    "Keep in your mind that there are more than 11000 civilians as prisoners in your jails".
    I won't talk about why they are there (in short, security reasons, as you yourself know there are many who want to harm Israel and Israeli Civilians).
    what I do want to talk about it being civilized.
    these prisoners are being kept in excellent conditions and no harm is being done to them.
    in fact. can you say the same about Israeli Prisoners ?
    Most of them get killed (Oshri, the 18 year old kid), some starved (Tenenbaum). rarely do they get visited by impartial parties.

    I won't go in to "weak this" and "weak that", that doesn't interest me.
    Are we showing off "who's dad is stronger" ? give me a break.

    as for the Israeli press. let me remind you that as opposed to most Muslim\Arab countries,
    Israel is a democracy.
    Any images that were published in the world press were, are and will be published in the Israeli media.
    no information is being censored.
    Personally, I care about civilians everywhere, be them Lebanese, Israeli, Palestinians or Korean.

    I am not content with the fact that Israel had to resort to bombing Beirut itself, but,
    Lebanon is in a process of detaching itself from Syria, and one of the key elements in that process is disarming the HIZBULLAH.
    the recent HIZBULLA act (kidnapping and killing soldiers and civilians. get your facts straigt here:,7340,L-3274258,00.html
    you can probably find this in CNN as well if you wish)
    was unprovoked and for appearant reason or benefit.

    Tell me. How does Lebanon benfit from this act of HIZBULLAH ?
    bare in mind while you're answering this that Israel has an on going peace with Egypt and Jordan and all 3 countries benefit from it.
    Israel has no business in Lebanon, unless it attacks it.
    WHY did Hizbullah attack Israel ? did you consider that question ?
    HIZBULLAH is a pawn at the hands of Syria and Iran.
    your brothers are getting killed fighting a war for the Iranians and the Syrians.

    I would like to believe that without Syrian influence on Lebanon, Israel and Lebanon could have peace.
    it's up to you to control your country.
    -- Tomer
    we certainly do not rape any palestinian women. get it out of you head.

  10. Mr.Tomer,
    Since you keep depending on CNN and your newspapers as your resources of news, no wonder why you can not accept the truth!!!
    I have been in such useless disccsion many times. You always think that what your commands tell you is the truth.
    Look to what I have told you and compare to what you replied.
    I can keep debate with you for the rest of my life but you will never ever open your heart to the truth.
    All of those pictures here of killed children and yet you want to prove that you are a democracy.
    If it was about our point of view I could give you hundreds of links from Arab media telling yo what happened. Yet I depended mostly on International news agencies.
    Do you really believe what you have said regarding the Slaughter of Gaza???
    Do you believe that a wrong bombing by Hamas will kill all of those people. And why there is any bombs there. It is the cost on the west and Israel on the east. Any rockets will never ever reach from the east to the west of Gaza strip. Otherwise why your commands keep saying they want to create a safe band in the north and east of Gaza. Do you think any one will hide rockets on the cost!!!
    You did not replay also to the 180 women in the jails and their children. ( some women already gave birth there), please do not try to replay because you will show another ugly face of your state.
    I asked you, did they announce if they killed a single fighter. NO THEY DID NOT AND THEY WILL NEVER DO.
    Really I get disgust from such discussion. It is up to you to believe in whatever you want, but be sure the history will expose you.

  11. tomer
    you didn't rape palestinian women.. you kill them. you kill the palestinian slowly so that people won't accuse you of being like hitler.

    same way you're doing in Gaza and Lebanon here, until all of them give-up and move somewhere else, thus giving israel the opportunity to expand, thus fulfilling Greater Israel as you thought promised by god to the jewish people.

    tell your own lies to yourselves for too long, you'll believe it one day.

    1. Majority of jewish in Israel are not even jewish. The ashkenazi are not semitic, and do not relate to Abraham at all. Israel even discriminate the sephardics, treated them as 2nd class citizen.

    2. If you're god selected race, why so many of you behaves like evil/parasites, you're the champion of sin activites, gambling, porno, hollywood, gay/lesbian promoted by the media etc all have jewish names behind it.

    3. Ashkenazi jews are the champion of communist to Russia, and communist don't believe in god. why would a chosen race by god, teach other people not to believe in god?

    4. God's people bring peace and justice to this world, not steal other people's land, terrorize other nations, and suck on other nations money.

    You kill civilians, destroy houses, roads, bridges, power plants and yet you claim you're the victim? Is that god telling you this lies, or are you telling lies on behalf of god?

    with all these lies you're telling the world, and you expect us to believe anything you say about holocaust?

    Israel is a lost cause, a country with bunch of thieves, liars and cowards, fighting stones with bombs. f you!.

  12. Israel IS a democracy, which means that all of ISRAEL's citizen have equal rights and equal oppertunities to advance within the society.
    Sure it has it's problems, but in terms of Human rights it is a much better place to live in than any other arab country.
    - Did you know that there are Arab Ministers in the Israeli Government?
    - The Press openly critisized the Government (as opposed to arab countries where people get thrown to jail for stating their opinion)
    - Who gave weapons to Abu-Mazen so he could control the street ? Israel did.

    let's switch to the PLO...
    - Did you know that Palestinians educate their kids to become Shaids ? that they should prefer suicide and murder over living peacefully ?
    check this out
    talk about gratitude...
    - Arafat moved most of the money that countries like the UK, Japan and other european countries gave him to his own bank account !
    do you think the same could happen in Israel ?

    Suppose Israel did just want to kill civilians, don't you think there are better ways to do that than what our army does now ?
    Do you know how easy it would be to shut down ALL the electricity, water and food resources to the Gaza strip ?
    why don't we do that instead.. heck, we have a nuke bomb, why not use that ?

    Now, I don't get this point of yours
    "did they announce if they killed a single fighter"
    Sure they have.
    Lots of times.
    There were clashes in the "Avivim" area, and IDF has just stated that it has the bodies of 13 HIZBULLAH soldiers.

    Regarding the prisoners, it was recently published that Olmert was about to set free prisoners, as a gesture to Abu-Mazen.

    By the way, I am not religious, and if anything I am Agnostic.
    I would say that the majority of Israelis either don't believe in god or do not practice religion at it's full.
    For that matter, there have been 3 world changing prophets (leaving Muhammad and buddha aside)
    Moshe (judaism), Jesus (Christianity) and Shpinoza (Secularity). All Jews.
    All this talk about god and all, that's immaterial to most of us.
    We just want to live our lives. like you do.

    I am sad that you get disgusted from a mere discussion.
    You have problems with listening to things you don't want to hear.
    Sometimes, If you don't learn, you have to be taught...

    If Israel is such a lost cause, why did it advance in 50 years more than any Arab country ever has ?
    In terms of technology, security, social care, etc ?
    Israelis and Jewish people are not the Devil.
    You were just educated that they are. set yourself free from that.
    Did you ever meet a jew in person ? no horns, no big nose or whatever they teach you.
    if "god's people bring peace and justice ... bla bla bla... " why are most terror organizations Muslim ?
    What about 9/11 ?
    What about the UK bombing ?
    What about the Madrid bombing ?
    Muslim, Muslim, Muslim.
    what does the world understand from that ?
    Can the muslims prove they can create and build again like they once have ? instead of be involved in terror attacks all across the globe ?

    Now, please answer me.
    why do you think that HIZBULLAH attacked ?
    Nothing happend on that border for the past 6 years..
    Did the lebanese government authorized the attack ?
    or was lebanon dragged to this war just because of that Maniac Nasralla ?
    Who gains from this HIZBULLAH action ? Certainly not Lebanon.
    who gains from their presence in south Lebanon ?
    Why not replace them with the Lebanses army (supposing you need military deployment...)
    why wasn't it replaced 6 years ago ?

    Think about what I'm saying cause I am thinking about what you've said. give me that respect.
    -- Tomer

  13. @tomer
    come on what kind of a democratic country is it Israel?? Sharon was responsible for massacres in lebanon few years ago and then he was elected as a prime minister what kind of a leader and what kind of country is that?what kind of folk is one like that who vote for criminals.thats disgusting!!
    by the way ur suggestions about the ways which can ur government kill the civilians with are applied but on a long term u think that they r completly insanes to do it by one hit?? how can israel nuke the palastinian territories while its so close to them ??? you r talking nonesenses just bla and no wonder why u make ppl feel disguseted talking to you.
    u even dont apply ur words on urself u r the one who was educated on hating arabs and thats obvious from the reason u r writting by(starting talking bad about palastinians passing on arabs ending with muslims).
    and from where did u get the idea that the most terror organizations are muslims(by the way thanx for using the word most not all)??? i guess from ur sick mentality..Israel is a terror country and thats worst than organization,dont u think so??
    by the way do u know y all this changing of prophets?COZ U R A FILTHY FOLK.u prooved that perfectly...
    i was trying to ignore ur comment coz its realy a wasted time and effort with such a way of reasoning like urs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tomer, I stopped reading your comment when you said :
    (Did you know that Palestinians educate their kids to become Shaids ? that they should prefer suicide and murder over living peacefully ?)
    Please check in this blod the post named Message from Israeli children posted in 18/7.
    You do not want to hear any thing but what suits you. You have showed your true face.

  15. Yu Tomer,
    I think you are a journalist or a spokesman of the army.
    You are saying only lies.
    What is understood completely if any one want to defend himself, he just stop the attacks against himself.
    In your state , not only you did not stop any "attacks", but you extent your aggression to the civilians. This was not the first time and of course it will not be the last one.
    Looks who is talking about thieving. Did not your Sharron and his sons involved in such issues. Did not Netanyahu ( or whatever the spell was) involved in such issues. Even who told you that the Arab people are happy with their leaders.
    Yet, they are good comparing to your leaders. At least they did not steal other's LANDS.
    I think Truth made it clear, being a solider it is accepted and expected to be a prisoner of war.
    Then, what a kind of statement to say " Sure they have.
    Lots of times.
    There were clashes in the "Avivim" area, and IDF has just stated that it has the bodies of 13 HIZBULLAH soldiers"
    OK, once then there was a clash in south of Lebanon and they killed 1000 Israeli soldiers. I like it when you just get stress of facing the truth and started to say not correct things.
    Can you say that they kill any soldier in this war. Don't try . There is nothing like this. Till this moment at least.Even I didn't hear that they cause an injury to one of them.
    Good you mentioned the 9/11 : Wasn't it USA who supported Bin Laden and gave him weapons to fight the soviet union at that time.
    Did not you notice that USA, UK , Spain and other western countries went to Iraq and destroyed it completely. Just to get its oil. Why you can accept that the Arab people should suffer and the rest of the world should live in peace.
    YET, The MAJORITY OF THE ARAB AND MUSLIMS AREFUSED THAT. and of course as there are people like you who are saying it is OK for Israel to what ever it want to prove nothing, there will be other in Arab and Muslims will support Bin Laden, not because they like him. NO because they get enough of being killed since 1916, by the western countries when they occupied this area , then with their trash they left here.
    You mentioned the prophets, OK. Even Muslims believe so, most of them were Jews. OK what happened to Jesus, DIDN'T you killed him????
    Also, do not ever try to glance at our prophet. Leave all the prophets aside.
    Don't try to go back to history because it is not your area AT ALL.
    Your advanced technology, yes . Thank you USA. You are the largest aids receiver from the USA man. What a fakes you are trying to prove.
    since the majority of you don't believe in God or do not pray,why you are still there. This state was created as the holy land for Jews. Obviously you are not since you are not practising Jewish.
    Listen, the truth is always hurts. You have been naked now for the rest of the world. Your actions led to terrorists not vice verse.
    Since you came to this land in 1948, you killed the Arab (Muslims and Christians) . Now you are doing the same again. Your history is dark as your hearts. We did not raised up to hate Jewish. We raised up to hate Israel. Because there is BIG difference between them.
    I think you will come back and re-say your staments,escaping to other points and subjects.
    Look to what the other answered you, you opened other topics and sure you will do the same again. No wonder if no one will answer you any more, so you can be happy

  16. Tomer,
    You are liar.
    Here is the link from Your CNN telling that Hamas cease-fired for 16 month, along with other details and awful picture regarding this Gaza Beach Slaughter.
    PLEASE Truth keep showing their truth and Please put picture for this slaughter.
    Tomer, instead of spreading lies here, you can tell your government to stop their bloody behaviours.
    Thank you truth, I was thinking those Arab are really killing Isreals for nothing. Now I found how much I was fooled.
    Tom Hellmann, NY

  17. dear Tom Hellman from NY

    Here I quote from your own article which I'm sure you've read:
    "Hamas has stuck to the cease-fire it announced in February 2005, but other groups did not sign on and have continued attacks against Israel. Earlier this year, Hamas won the Palestinian elections."
    points to notice:
    1. Hamas won the Palestinian elections - meaning it was supposed to be in control
    2. other groups did not sign on and have continued attacks - you get that, we were still under attack by palestinian groups
    oh ? so what's that cease-fire you ask. good question...

    HAMAS, which got the power to control all of palestine didn't make the effort to stop the other organizations from firing.
    read beyong the headlines.
    You were not fooled.
    -- Tomer

  18. first of all, I am no journalist, and no spokesman, just a civilian like yourselves.
    second, I DO NOT HATE ARABS\MUSLIMS, and I consider my self Left-Winged if that counts.
    I do not support the useless killing of civilians of any country, be that Israel, Lebanon, Palestine or Iraq.

    As for Democracy, let me explain what a democracy is,
    cause some of you have problems understanding what it means:
    1. The Citizans ELECT the government representatives - the government in Israel changes every 4 years (sometimes less)
    2. all of the countries citizens have the same rights (notice that other countries' civilians do not have those rights... so arguments like
    "Israel is bombing this"
    "US is invading that"
    are not valid, because they are not citizens of that countries.)
    being a democracy doesn't mean you can't hurt anyone. in times of war people get hurt.
    here's a wiki link
    democracy -

    Now, can you say the same about your leaders ?
    who critizes them ? is there a single voice that does so publicly ?
    sure you think they are perfect, cause the media is not allowed to expose their faults and wrongings.
    Did you ever look at a UN report on your OWN countries ? you should.

    Truth, the fact that you stopped reading my comments means that you can't HANDLE the truth (pun inteaded). so that's kind of ironic.
    It's much better to talk than fight, isn't it ?

    you have repeatably avoided my questions regarding
    1. Why did HIZBULLAH kidnap those soldiers ?
    2. By whose orders ? who has to gain from this action ?
    3. Did the Lebanese Government agree to this ?
    4. why wasn't the HIZBULLAH disarmed are replaced with the Army of Lebanon ?

    my answer (if you care...)
    - Iran and Syria control HIZBULLAH, and have made it drag Lebanon in to war.
    - Lebanon dares not disarm HIZBULLAH because of the strong influence of Syria in it.
    - Lebanon is afraid to take responsibility on it's own self.
    - Lebanese Civilians are suffering because Syria is promoting it's agenda on their expense.

    Your media is skewed, it always reports that we killed this and raped that, even when we don't do it.
    most of the times the numbers are doubled if not more,
    I assume your media never tells you that we killed your fighters because they want to keep you outraged and angry.
    it sounds a lot better that we killed only civilians.
    Our media constantly declares that we killed HIZBULLAH fighters.
    btw, for the guy who said HIZBULLAH killed 1000 israeli soldiers recently... you are MAD to believe that, do you know what would happen in Israel if 1000 soldiers would die ?
    don't you think we would react with a lot more force ?
    please give me a link to your information.

    do you honestly think that no HIZBULLAH soldier was killed or hurt ?
    that they were all civilians ?
    what are your soldiers ? supermans ?
    what are you ? a bunch of kids that believe everything they hear on the news ?
    Grow up! Your media is lying to you (at which point you probably think, no, he's lying... well, I guess one of us is. find the truth, cause it's not here).

    you are welcomed to swear, say I'm a liar, theif or whatever.
    I would rather we'd talk. as you see I do not swear. I conduct myself with honor and some of you do not.
    so far, you have not expressed any type of regret about the killing of Israeli civilians...
    when you do that, I'll know I'm talking to adults.
    -- Tomer

  19. Tomer my little child, i can smell anger in your words eventhough u tried to sound calm and logical! calm down its not good for health. it's not "swearing" when somebody call ppl like u "liar" its like calling u "Tomer" any way let me define lie for u: lie=not saying the truth. understood? i hope so. our government dont represent us! don't worry will kick thier asses someday. hope u don't intrfere. your government represent u (democracy) which makes all of u criminals as well! makes u really responsible for thier crimes!

  20. For all people killed everywhere because of political/religious/whatever causes troughout human histoy , I suggest we hold this silent obituary ...

    For those who criticise Judaism/Christianity/Buddhism/Islam/Hindu/Every Other Religion : read a book or two .
    For those who confound religion with extremist criminal minorities , I also suggest to go read some history , as every religion has had their criminals , of which I won't talk here .

    For all the rest : I'm starting to see a pattern here , I don't know if any one else noticed it . After the US declaration of war against terrorism , the first target was Afganistan , as the blame fel on the Taliban Government and their cooperation with Bin Laden . The second was Iraq with the alleged "hidden weapons" , then with the unfounded accusations of colaboration with Al Qaida , then with putting the blame of 911 on Iraq . And now , Syria , with Mr Bush (may his mind be illuminated!) acusing Syria of all of the problems of Israel AND , hear this , acusations of supporting the late Zarqawi , thus Al Qaida , thus don't be surprised when you'll start hearing who's resposible for 911 ...

    For the Israelian Government who's pushing it's luck : please think twice befor making your next move , as Mr Iran MEANS BUSINESS , and if a nuke is to fall on Tel Aviv , us Syrians and Lebanese around you will suffer eradication the same ... So please , show us your humanitary spirit and compasion ...

  21. Again Tomer,
    If all the left wings in Israel like you, that means the peace will never come.
    Listen. I did not complete NOT because I did not bear the truth, No. I did not complete to tell you that I do not want to waste my time with you as your first point was weak and already I have a picture telling you what you are teaching your children hate and racisms .
    Those pictures were released by AFP, Agence France-Presse. Not Arab media man.
    Let’s back to your comment.
    According to your statements, being a democracy country giving you a permission to invade other countries and kill people because they are not citizen. I think this is RACISM. Please do not dare and say to bring Democracy because we have seen it in Iraq.
    If Israel is a democracy country, why they did not deal with Hamas The election brought Hamas was 100% fair. Why you and USA did not accept the result of Arab democracy. Why you prevent any bank to deal with the Palestine government so it can not deliver the salaries. I do not think you can answer this. Unless if you would say because a terrorists movement. OK but it was elected. If still insist, that means no one should deal with your right wings parties because they are more terrorists than Hamas. What about the money you have as interests for the Palestine government. More than 50 million$.
    OK they are not citizens. What happened to the Israeli scientist who was recently got free from the prison after 20 years because he talked about your nuclear program?

    Some one told you we do not like our leaders, and yes there are many Arab people they can tell them that loudly. It is useless to escape like that every time and talk about our leaders. He told you they are good because at least they did not thieve any other's land.

    You asked him to bring a link for the 1000 soldiers killed, why you did not post a link with pictures for the 13 fighters from Hizballah. I wonder how you could not understand what beyond his statement.

    I will tell you some statements said by your leaders, just to prove how they are ling to you:
    -Israel made a decision to break Hizbualla , we will not stop till the end . Amir Peretz 13/7/06
    -We got great losses. Amir Peretz 16/7/06.
    -United states and Israel did several trials in Nevada on a system which will end the danger of Hizballah at our alien's north border. The system will use the laser to detect the goals. USA contribute with 1.8 $ billion out of the 1.6$ billion. American officer in summer of 1997( The number is correct as it been said in this way, not my mistake)
    -The stricken battleship were pulled back to Hifa . Military spokesman. 15/7/06.
    -The Israelis sailors were extricated at 1300 m below sea level, The Israeli army kept the matter silent so Hizbuallh men could not reach the bodies. Egal Bar 16/7/06 from the 2nd Israel television website. This was removed by military order. After 30 minutes later.
    -We need only days to destroy all the rockets of Hizbullah, finish its power and kill its men . Rabin 1993
    -We need only days to destroy all the rockets of Hizbullah, finish his power and kill his men . Shimon Peres April 1996. (April 1996, Qana slaughter. Israeli stroke UN offices after Lebanese civilians entered it. Killed more than 100 people. Most of them were children and women)
    -We need only days to destroy all the rockets of Hizbullah, finish his power and kill his men .We destroyed most of its store houses, killed hundreds ( he did not even said from his men), and it is a matter of days to stop all the rockets. Heoates in his 1st conference 14/7/06.
    -It is difficult to destroy Hizballah rockets because we do not know where it is. . Shaul Mofaz 16/7/06
    -We stroke Beirut's airport because it is used to carry military supplies to Hizbuallh. Amir Peretz 13/7/06
    -We destroyed Beirut airport to punish the Lebanese people because of their support to Hizballah. Amir Peretz 14/7/06.
    -We destroyed Beurit airport to put pressure on Lebanese government to put pressure on Hizbualla to gave up. Amir Peretz 15/7/06

    After all of that, do you still believe your leaders or you need more truths and facts.
    It is useless to say that Iran and Syria support Hizballah. Well, USA is supporting you and giving you military supplies. When Hizbullah attacked the battleship, you said it was Iranian rocket. When the rockets reach Hifa you said it is Syrian rockets!!!!
    OK , it is American F-16s, American technologies ….etc. Isn't the same???
    It is a weak excuse to say because of Iran and Syria. The fact is: you can not stop and eliminate an organization from sending primary rockets from area you are control its sky and its sea. In other words YOUR LEADERS ARE LIEENG on you .The whole operation after 11 days did not reach any of its goals. Not releasing the soldiers , not preventing the rockets. Not eliminating Hizbullah. Remember it is more than 11 days in Gaza now. The same thing.

    Why Hizbaullah "kidnapped" the two soldiers? Because it is only way to release the Arab prisoners in yours jails. They tested it before. Do not tell me you released them as a gift from your government. Never happened and it will never happen. You do not understand anything but the language of war and language of violence.
    This including your 2 question.

    Your 3+ 4th question,
    Come on man, give yourself relax here. Do not get your nose in other's business. Any country has the right to send it is army where ever it needed. They did not send their army to the south, simply because there is no need. Hizbualla is taking care of your army and there is no need to provide him with any help. OR you can say because the Lebanese army is like Japanese army for civilian acts. Do not come back to me and say there is UN resolution. According to your scale it took from you 20 years to response to 425. So it is normal for Arab to take at least another 20 years. Yet, you did not withdraw from there because you suddenly became so nice and looking for peace. NO, you withdraw because the cost of staying there became higher than the cost of withdrawing. In other words, you came out under the sever attack of resistance. NOT TERRORSITM. The same resistance which made you withdrew from Gaza.
    Finally, I have one question to you,
    Are the invaders of a country will considered as civilians???
    If your answer is yes, I will consider my self exempt from this discussion. If it is yes, then we will know who the adult here is?

  22. Well, at least we're talking again.

    I did not understand your question (Sorry), could you please rephrase ?
    who invades what ? Israel to Lebanon ? vice versa ?
    if\when Israel invades Lebanon, those invading will be military troops, sent by the Israeli government and not civilians.
    (as opposed to Hizbullah invading Israel, which is not authorized by the Lebanese Government, those invading are also not civilians, but terrorists, if it were the Lebanses army, it would have been soldiers)

    There is certainly a need for Hizbullah to disarm and be replaced with the lebanese military.
    Lebanon should take full responsibility over it's south and not leave it to an organization that takes it commands from Iran and Syria.
    As long as it doesn't, and as long as it lets Hizbullah act on it's own, it's like the Lebanese government took that action itself.
    That's why Olmert said that the kidnapping was an act of war, in an area where there is NO dispute about what so ever.
    That's why your Prime Minister announced that he will act to disarm it, because he understands that any use of force inflicted on Israel is his responsibility !
    Besides, Now that there's no dispute over territory, why should the Hizbullah attack ?
    For the release of the prisoners you say ?
    AFAIK, there's only 1 Lebanese prisoner (I might be wrong)
    Samir Kuntar, and he has murdered 5 civilians.
    For comparison, would France set loose a murderer from Germany ?
    as for the other prisoners, as you say: "don't get your nose in other's business"

    This state of no-control (at least on the surface) is what Lebanon has in common with Gaza.
    both have terror organizations that act and re-act without premission from the declared authority.

    Regarding Israeli education,
    Please post a link to thosee AFP pictures, I'd love to see those.
    As an Israeli, who went to Israeli public school (as most Israeli kids do)
    I was never educated to hate Arabs\Muslims.
    I was never encouraged to "kill" anyone for any cause.
    I was never taught that people from other races are not as good as Jews or Israeli.
    Teachers are not allowed to express their political opinions in the classroom.
    I have Russian friends, I have American friends,
    I have Swedish friends, I have Brazilian friends,
    and I hope to have Arab and Iranian friends in the future.

    Besides, please explain to me why do you think Israel is interested in fighting with Lebanon ?
    Why should we open a second front while there's one in Gaza ?
    What does Israel gain from this ?

    I wish this whole nightmare would end,
    But for the sake of both our countries future,
    Lebanon has to take matters to it's own hands.

    -- Tomer

    As you requested, here's a link (UK guardian) that mentions the 13 dead Hizbullah soldiers
    this link also mentions the hizbullah admits to 5 dead soldiers..,,1826334,00.html

    here are other interesting links for your review (I saw you posted images from the past, so I'm allowing myself...)

    Was the Mahmud Adora death scene investigation?
    Palestinian faking death for media:

    these are not mean to say that Israel doesn't kill anyone, just that the media is lying sometimes.

  23. OK.
    Again, at your first statement
    I meant by my question:
    When you the Israelis came and invaded Palestine in 1948 or even before and stayed till today, they were invaders then and till now.
    In other words every one came from east or west to this state , which he has nothing in it, will be considered as INVADER not civilian.
    This is proven even by your statements, you just said.
    Every thing came after that till TODAY was a continuous reaction for invading this land. IS IT CLEAR NOW???
    Regarding the link from the Guardian , NOT convincing. If Hezbollah spokesman came to you and said we killed 100 soldiers does this make any sense. You have been sending balloons to take pictures for all Lebanon. WHERE ARE THE PICTURES FOR THOSE 13 SOLIDERS. YOU CAN NOT PROVIDE THEM BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING THERE.
    The other links , IT IS A REACTION.
    THERE IS NO ANY LAW CONSIDER THE INVADERS FOR ANY LAND AS CIVILANS. IF you are civilians , you should say it loudly to your leaders, Let's correct this crime. WE CAME TO A LAND WHICH NOT BELONG TO US.
    Can you say it, I am in doubt.
    For the post of your children message , here it is you can follow the link there to the AFP website.
    Again you escaped and repeated the same words. I showed you how your leaders telling lies and you did not want to open your heart for the TRUTH.

  24. hmmm, ok I understand your question, but please let me ask something before I answer.

    At what terms do you see peace with Israel if at all?
    Can it exist in your mind ?
    or do we all have to move back to Europe or the states and give back the land ?

    As for the pictures, what exactly does it prove ?
    they wrote on missiles "To Hizbullah From Israel" or something similar.

    If there was one link I could ask you to follow regarding palestinian education, it's this one. took me a while:
    [look at the second movie especially... it's horrifying]

    Please review the films..
    I chanllenge you to find something similar...

    -- Tomer

  25. OK.
    First note that you are moving from point to point leaving my questions without answers.
    I will answer you. I will start from the end of your comment and move back to answer your questions DIRECTLY.
    I have checked the link and the clip you recommended. Although, this interview in particular was emptied from its meaning by taking out what you want and delete what you do not want to hear. YET, I will go with you in this.
    Let me first explain to you what does the Shahada means?
    Of course it is death in way of God, but how to death??? Here is the point, how not just saying I want to death.
    Shahada is to die in the bath of God by being killed from your enemy while you are defending yourself, your family, your land, your money and what ever your defending.
    It is not just this way to get Shadhda, even the one who dies drowned or sunk consider as Shahed. Also the one who dies from burns, or who dies while he is looking for knowledge. So it has a variety of meanings.
    Now, I will come to the point you want me to come in, which is about the "suicide". In Arabic language there is different word in which we describe the one who kills himself in his enemy. We called him Esteshady, which means the one who seeking for Shahada by killing himself in his enemy. Those whom you called them as suicide.
    If it is clear, move with me to the next level
    In that clip, they are not talking about whatever those girls seeking to be Esteshady or not. No , they are taking about the principle itself. To get Shahada is a great thing in the Islamic teaching and only few people can achieve it. Of course if you asked any Muslim, do you want to get it, the answer will be yes. Why is that, again because the principle. It proves how much you follow the God's orders. That you did not care about your life and you are ready to die because some one attacked you at any level in religion, land, soul, family… etc. And you were defending yourself, or defending your people. Of course God did not order you to kill any one just because you have to kill. NOT AT ALL. We have been ordered to deliver peace to every one since he did not attack us, we can share our life, money and every thing with him.
    But if he started killing us, then we have to defend ourselves and at that time if we were killed, we will considered as Shahada NOT Esteshady.
    When the host asked them What is better, peace and full rights for the Palestinian people, or Shahada?"
    They answered Shahada. Yes it is true , because they said it in the same clip . There is difference between Shahada and DEATH . No one like Death but they like Shahada.
    By the way , the translation , although it mostly correct but they made only one single mistake, When the girl in red dress was asked What is better, peace and full rights for the Palestinian people, or Shahada?" She answered Shahada. Then I took my rights then I want Shahada. The mistake is in the next sentence. She said in Arabic , We want to live our childhood and our lives. The translation was We won't stay children for ever. This makes the meaning different. She said we want to live and the translation showed them that they want to die even before they grow up.
    Also I have checked the research they have made in that website. Sorry to say it is completely misguiding. For example Mohamed Dura was killed by shoots from Israelis soldiers while his father was trying to protect him.
    So, it is meaningless to say that they are teaching the children Shadaha while this Shadaha in a position they have being forced by your army to be in.
    In all the clips the showed, all are children killed by your army soldiers. They were civilians and children , YET it did not prevent them to be killed. This point finished.
    What surprised me is your statements for the pictures with Israelis children in a battle filed writing on TRUE rockets , " what does that proves"?
    Can not you see the difference between what the Palatines teaching their children and what your children are being taught? It is not about what they are writing on the rocket man, IT IS ABOUT THE PRINCIPLE. How will they grow up if they are been teaching such things in FILED.
    NOW, to your question,
    At what terms do you see peace with Israel if at all?
    Can it exist in your mind ?
    or do we all have to move back to Europe or the states and give back the land ?

    Let's us discuss the principle of Israeli it self.
    This is a state based on gathering the Jewish from all around the world in the holy land. If this thing is correct, that means, all the Muslims should go and settle in Makka, all Christians should come to Journalism also , or BetLahem.
    Is that correct principle??? Again if you are going to say yes I will consider my self exempt from this discussion.
    You might say the Jewish has the right to come to the holy land and pray. That is correct. No one stopped them or prevent them from doing so, but whey they came with all such power and killed the Arab people since 1938 when the Zionist gangs men started to kill the Arab people???
    We consider Jewish also as civilians, but the Jewish that living out side Israeli, and they came to Palestine to pray not to settle and kill. Also , the current people whom are living there now and they did not send their boys to the army , those are civilians . The people whom are not working in the army , those are civilians. ALTHOUGH, they are sitting in others land, but for those we can talk and convince them that it is not your land, and not their fault. Someone deceived them.
    So, in this base there is nothing called Israel. AGAIN, if it is about the Jewish and praying they are welcome to pray not to take control of lands and skies and support the terrorist Zionist parties. I think you know that there are several Jewish movement which against Israel. Those Jewish no one can hate them or target them. No they are our friends. But do not tell me that the people from Russia, Africa, States, or Europe have a historical right in that land. NO they do not. Their right is to pray is completed protected but no one can accept killing the original people.
    So, if you are really interest in PEACE, you have several options. You can go out of the occupied territories and Israel to your original country and help others to do so. You can go and tell your government that we have thieved their lands and killed their grandfathers. You can do lots of things to stop this killing.
    You know what; I am expecting something from your next post.
    Last note, no need to challenge me to find such things, I already proved it.

  26. My "original" country ?
    I have no original country.
    By now there are more than 6 million jews in Israel, most of them born in Israel, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

    [by the way, if you choose at any time to stop reading this... please at least post a message]

    I am always amazed when I see well-educated people like yourself raise such arguments...
    you cannot simply reverse a historical process of over 70 years... it's like asking all the former USSR countries to unite again.

    I only have Israel, and I'm here to stay.
    We are all here to stay, Israelies, Jews, Palestinians, Muslims, Christian, Druz and Cherks.
    It's time WE ALL accept that.
    Some Israelies already have, some Palestinians already have.
    It's also time that Lebanon will mind it's own business, and it has a lot of business to mind...

    as for your original question:
    Offcourse I think that the Israeli Settlers that came here before 1948 are Civilians. They didn't belong to any militia, Most of them were escaping the horrors of the holocaust.
    They were Men, Women and Children, not soldiers, not organized.
    I don't see how you can claim otherwise...

    Regarding Palestinian education, your whole line of argument is flawed in Western thinking, and you will never convice any Western, be them American, European or Israeli that educating a kid for death is normal, no matter what the cause is.
    this is an unbridgable gap.
    Kids should never be involved in war and death! (again, western thinking...).
    Now, I asked "what does it prove" not without reason, the fact that Israeli kids are drawing on missiles doesn't mean that they were educated and conditioned that killing is alright, or to hate others.
    As you can see from the link I posted in my previous message, the same cannot be said on Palestinian kids..

    Regarding Mohamed Dura, did you watch this link I already posted here before:
    I'm sure it won't convice you, but it's worth a shot.

    Finally, I am very upset from this conversation.
    You don't leave any room for negotiation, you just want everything, and there's no room for co-existance with Israel in your mind...
    I think you have to wake up and face reality, so both our countries can grow past this conflict.
    I know it's far fetched, but I would love to hear other Lebanese surfers comment on this point.

    -- Tomer

  27. Exactly as I expect. Like all the others. When you do not have a true excuse you start to say words just to gain sympathy.
    Listen Man,
    Regarding yours original country thing.
    I told you. Those whom came to Palestine and DID NOT involve in killing Arabs. Did not go to the military service, those are the only one we consider them as civilians. It is not accepted that your brother kills my brother and then come back to say why you are hating us.
    Can you confirm to me that you did not go to the military service? Can you confirm that your brother, father, sister or any of your family did not involve in killing. If you are honest and said yes, I will consider you as civilian. I will understand that someone deceived you.
    Now you know the truth. That this land is not yours. I told you , you and any one is highly welcome to come and pray and do what ever he wants. BUT he should understand that he does not has any right to control any thing here. What about your dreams of Great Israel from Fraat River till the Nile River? Isn’t what you still thinking of.
    WAKE UP MAN. Some one is taking advantage of you, killing in your name, destroying others countries and lives, eliminating families and putting hate in your mind towards Arab. Your media always talk about Arab like this. Open the school’s book and just read how they put the negative image about Arab.
    Last time you said that you are a democracy and all citizens are equal. Go to Hifa and Alnasera and compare between the Arab and Israelis sections. This is not from me. This is from your media man.
    You said it is impossible to reverse the history, which is correct. Yet it is possible to correct the mistakes in it. You have only Israeli, PLEASE UNDERTSAND IT IS NOT YOUR LAND IN THE FIRST PLACE.
    If you admitted that , then we have to check what happened to the original people whom lived here. They should come back to their own land. BUT be sure they will not fired you out. NO they will accept you to live with them, just you have to admit that you were wrong and you did a mistake when you came to kill them and take their land.
    It is not about Lebanon or Palestine or Syria. It is about all the area. We the Arab always feel about each other , that is why Hizbullah get involve in this. Our relations as Arab people are too strong. Forget about the leaders. Forget about the political. I will tell you something. Last year, since Rafik Al-Harriri was killed by I do not know whom yet (sure not the Syrians), most of the media in Lebanon started to talk and to instigate against Syrian people. NOW, lots of the Lebanese escaped to Syria. What did the Syrian do with them? They opened their houses, they shared with them food and clothes. If you went now to the Syrian borders, you will find Syrian families waiting their, and telling the Lebanese families please come to our house. We have enough space for you. What I want to say, we the Arab always forget the insults. Really we are intolerant. Even you can see the Arab of 48. They accepted you between them. Unfortunately, you do not even want them to stay in their lands.
    To correct your information, NOT all of the Jewish came to this land before 1948 were civilians. There were several slaughters before. Here are some dates and you should check look for them, but PLEASE do not come back with faked stories trying to find excuses.
    06/03/1937 Hifa,31/12/1937 Joursalim, 6/7/1938 Hifa,7/7/1938 Hifa 15/7/1938 Jousalim, 25/7/1938 Hifa, 29/7/1938 Hifa, 26/8/1938 Joursalim, 27/3/1939 Hifa, 12/6/1939 Hifa, 19/6/1938 Hifa,20/6/1939 Hifa. Still I can write dates for other 8 slaughters done by your grand fathers, or the first settlers before 1948.
    All of those there were civilians, children and women killed. Most of them done in local markets. They were WELL organized. UK that time helped them a lot. Sure you will come back to me and tell me, no those were defending themselves against the Arabs whom were attacking them. If they really peaceful and came only to pray, why they reached Hifa, Gaza, yafa , Nablus and the other cities. Sorry but it is TRUTH that they came as invaders. The other truth, no one of the people whom came later tried to correct this mistake.
    I am really surprised by the contradiction in your statements. How you are saying and attacking the education system of Palestine and you can find excuses to your children to go and write on the rockets. Are you stable man? Your media is always showing Arab children playing with gun toys. Your children are playing with TRUE rockets. Can not you understand how much they are familiar now with the rockets and tanks? What will you do if a Katyosh rocket hit that area at that moment? You will tell the world look they killed children. WAKE UP MAN. I am really disgust of this way of thinking.
    Again, the tape of Mohamed Durra. Of course it is not convincing. Simply because all the investigations done by your army, so how the truth will be showed up. Yet on simple question, if it was true that the shoots came from behind the cameraman, how he would stay survived???? Lying is something you always do.
    Last thing, you have to admit that you have come and invaded other’s land. Their right to have it back, then we will think how we can live together.
    You want only what it comes with you. It is not about leaving any room for negotiating NO. First I need my rights back then I will see what I can give you from it. First I have to get it back. Hope it is clear.
    This is the end of our discussion, as you do not want to see any truth.


    to all israeli people who claim they are peaceful

  29. From Talmud:

    * Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God

    Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.

    * O.K. to Cheat Non-Jews

    Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a gentile ("Cuthean") the wages owed him for work.

    * Jews Have Superior Legal Status

    Baba Kamma 37b. "If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite...the payment is to be in full."

    * Jews May Steal from Non-Jews

    Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ("heathen") it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b). Sanhedrin 76a. God will not spare a Jew who "marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean..."

    * Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews

    Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

    Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

    * Jews May Lie to Non-Jews

    Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.


    Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

    sorry i was so idiot in my previous comments and conversations


  30. excuse me, what exactly is that post? Impersonation?
    And people say we (Jews) are lairs...

    Obviously, I did not write that last post and whomever did has no honor and should be ashamed of himself.

    3 things:

    1. Practically, I have no clue what the Talmud says, as I am not religious. it may say these things, or it may not, it's not important.
    What is important is that a lot of Jews\Israelies don't believe in that crap.
    2. Quotes... funny... should I start quoting your leaders ?
    "The holocaust never happend"
    "Israel should be wiped of the map"
    3. as for my IQ level, it's quite fine and up there, thank you.

    -- Tomer
    (oh, next time you forge my posts, at least pay attention to my style, wise-ass)

  31. excuse me, what exactly is that post? Impersonation?
    And people say we (Jews) are lairs...

    Obviously, I did not write that last post and whomever did has no honor and should be ashamed of himself.

    3 things:

    1. Practically, I have no clue what the Talmud says, as I am not religious. it may say these things, or it may not, it's not important.
    What is important is that a lot of Jews\Israelies don't believe in that crap.
    2. Quotes... funny... should I start quoting your leaders ?
    "The holocaust never happend"
    "Israel should be wiped of the map"
    3. as for my IQ level, it's quite fine and up there, thank you.

    -- Tomer
    (oh, next time you forge my posts, at least pay attention to my style, wise-ass)

  32. Who ever did this, it is not accepted. No one would expect that any one will change his believe in such easy way. Yet if he will change it, he will say it.
    I was sure that he did not change his believes and some one faked his name.
    Learn that do not allow for the hatred the others showing to you to make you away from justice and right.This applied on evey one every where

  33. hello mr Tomer sorry that somebody took your name!
    but raelly what you have mentioned about the Arab leaders quotes is not as horrible as your leaders quotes! at least it could be an answer to your bad quotes through the ages!!! its really funny if you compare it..anyway a lot of us here in Germany doubt the Holocaust as well.
    with all my respect I think its ignorance that you dont know your Talmud teahcing, its sound strange to me also after we saw pictures of your (Atheist)soldiers launching their rockets whilst reading from your (Holly Book)!

  34. Hi,

    Why is it ignorance that I don't know "My Talmud" ? do you REALLY know it ? what make's the Talmud mine and the Koran not mine ? the fact that my parents are Jewish too ? I don't think THEY understand the Talmud very well.

    I like the stories in the Bible, the New Testement and the Koran (yes, I have read some of the Koran).
    But that's what they are for me, Stories.
    Excellent, Wonderful stories, that try to convey a lot of cultural meaning and educate for morality.
    There's a lot in common to all of these 3 religions. I'm not here to decide which one is right, if any.
    [btw, I am not an Atheist, I am Agnostic]

    Regarding your doubt of the Holocaust, please look at this link

    Yadvashem is the Holocaust Remembrance Authority in Israel on the Holocaust. I invite you to visit Israel and come to that place.
    Besides, have you ever been to a concentration camp in Poland ?

    also, have a look at this site.

    If German is easier for you
    [that's what I could find... I don't speak German]

    Question: Why do you believe the pictures here and choose not to believe the pictures of holocaust ?

    -- Tomer