Thursday, July 27, 2006

No wonder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If their children were grown up writing hatred messages to the world
No wonder their "adults" dancing and enjoying for doing the same THING
What seems "Israelis" leaders take care very well of their "people"
as they are help them to practice their hobbies, even if it was KILLING
Please no one talks to me about "PEACE"
pictures from Exposing Zionism

PS: some restrictions may applied regarding those photos and cause them to be removed


  1. Tedy, Israely studentJuly 28, 2006 at 12:40 AM

    those are religious fanatics.

    they don't rapesent Israel or Israelis.

    we whant peace.

    and we didn't start this.

  2. Listen,
    peace is not a wish. It is a long journey of desire and determination to give back the proplr their rights.Including lands before and after 48.
    You can not just we want peace and your bombs continuing killing children in Lebanon and Palstine , destroying the infrastructures.
    If you really want this over , you should say it loudly to your leaders. STOP KILLING.
    The problem now that even your leaders CAN NOT stop the war. It is 100% out of their hands, and even it is out of Hezbollah's hand. It is there in the white house.
    Yes you started this. They are deceiving you by saying what happening in Gaza is not related to that in Lebanon. Both are 100% associated.
    I hope it is clear.
    Stop saying they do not represent us. Why they are fighting??? I am now believing more that this war is based on religious bases.

  3. Thanks for spreading the message. We in the blogosphere must fight zionism the best we can.

  4. Dear tedy.
    Stop justify yourself in front of a bone headed ignorant/
    He is being blinded by his hatred.
    He writes and hides behind hollow words that he calls truth.
    He insists in lying to others and to himself.
    He censors any comment he cannot ram with his lies and cheap propaganda.
    No one can talk sense with him simply because he does not have any.

    Poor, poor Mr. so called truth I guess you will not publish this comment at all and that is because you are such a big hypocrite.

  5. Tedy, an Israely studentJuly 28, 2006 at 3:14 AM

    I'm listening.
    jast don't agree.

    the palestinan problem,is still a problem because the arab countries don't whant to solve it.
    nobady is a refugee for 70 years, and nobady will go back to 1948 es we wont go back to 500bc.

    to say it, is jast a bad joke.

    *I want to thank you for posting this.

  6. Well,
    looks who is saying cheap and propaganda.
    OK, you can keep showing how much you are stressed.
    By the way, is it you in any if those pictures ?????

  7. your comment is up there... published, and not being deleted.
    the comments are being now censored because there was a lot of posts containing bad words, or someone keeps flooding the blog with the same thing tens of times.
    And it was open for free comments since the first day of this blog until few days ago when we couldn’t manage it.

    You said that we delete comments cuz we cant ram with “our lies”… well, if all comments were like yours and tedy’s… we will be more than glad to publish and emphasize them… they only expose the way you think, and the way you want peace.

  8. Rastafari - AndersJuly 28, 2006 at 3:56 PM

    tedy, as Jesus said:
    "Blessed be the peace makers"