Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Injuries, no need

They want them all DEAD !!!!!!!

pictures show two separated attacks, at least there is a third one

ALL were against ambulances


  1. http://www.monabaker.com/quotes.htm

    to all israeli people who claim they are peaceful

  2. TRUTH can u make all the posts showing in one page? its so difficult for some people to guess there is another posts than what is showing in the main page.

  3. Actually yes I can, but really it will take long time to download all the pictures.
    I will try to increase the posts in the first page.
    Thank you for your note my friend

  4. dear lord! how could they find a reason to bomb an ambulance!

  5. They'll say that it smuggled weapons. Or that the soldier behind this had a tough day. Then you'll see Mr Bush on TV throwing some more motivations about the legitimacy of the attack. As usual.

    God have mercy on the Lebanese children's souls...

  6. Just wondering, why "Israelis"? If you're gonna hate me, at least call me by name. I'm an Israeli. Not an "Israeli", not a "zionist pig"; an Israeli.

  7. thanks so much for putting all these images together so the world can see.

    a citizen from hong kong

  8. Amazing no ball bearings laying around in any of the pictures.

  9. Well Mr.
    Sorry , they faked all the story. They destroyed the ambulances intentionally.
    PLEASE Keep posting your stupidity