Wednesday, July 26, 2006


To all children in Palestine and Lebanon,
I could not get all of your pictures


  1. You make me sick, I have heard about such chip propaganda.
    Using children like that; most of thus pictures are, how will I phrase it? They are wall directed.
    I have never seen such hatred in one man.
    You dare call yourself "truth". While more then 90% of what you show, write, and say is simply a lie, a big lie filed with stanch of racism an anti-Semitism.
    Shame on you!!!

  2. OK.
    Thank you very much for your opinion about me.
    Please claim down.
    I have one question, how I can fake all of this. I think it is impossible to one person to destroy a country, kill all of those children and sending death to every one.
    Actually, this need more than one person. It need a state with people whom do not have the minimum level of humanity sense

  3. Racism? is showing the victims of the real racism conciders as racism??strange logic?
    plz stop repeating Anti-Semitism whenever somebody talks about ur crimes.cant u see that nobody anti-Semitism in here simply coz we Arabs are Semitism.

    but the truth always hurts

  4. It is not a crime to protect your country and your people, what Israel is doing.
    On the other hand, it is a crime to use people as a human shield and that is what Hezbollah, Hamas and all the other terror organizations are doing in the name of Islam.
    It does not heart me at all because it is not the truth – as I said most of it is work of a very good director who knows hi job.
    You should call yourself 'half-truth and lots of lies'.

    Moreover, a final question: why won't you show the crimes of Hezbollah and the crimes of Hamas or in your point of view it is O.K. to murder Israelis? On the other hand, maybe when rockets or suicide boomer is killing Israelis for you, it is nothing to it; it isn’t a murder but a legitimate act?
    In addition, to be clear about it- by Israelis I mean civilians

  5. Hey You,
    Listen carefully.
    Killing is something every day you are doing. lying is your nature.
    Go in this blog very well. You will find a debate between me and another "Israeli" who could not bear the truth.
    In that debate you will find a definition for your civilians. There you will find questions you will never be able to answer. NOT YOU ONLY, EVEN YOUR LEADERS.
    I will not give you the link to that debate, because I want you to see your crimes very well before you reached it. Also you will find against whom you are defending yourself.
    There you will find your truth which should make you kill yourself if you have any minimum level of HUMINATY.

    By the Way, tell me if you need a help in identification this word. HUMANITY .

  6. I believe you should look for a definition to the word HUMANITY.
    I will not kill myself, I will only pity you and people like yourself, people who prefer to believe in the lies of their leaders, people who have been brainwashed to hatred to believe in a truth that is actually a big lie.
    By the way, I have more Humanity in my pinky then in your entire body – do not lecture me about Humanity.
    You made yourself a new definition for the term 'civilians' when it comes to Israeli civilians, jest to justify their murder you are so pathetic.
    Killing is something every day you and people like you are supporting and trying to do you call it ' Jihad '. Lying is –your- nature.
    This is the truth - The Truth, not my truth or yours, but the realty's truth.
    It hearts, isn’t it?

    On the other hand, you jest want to keep believing in a lie, I believe it is more comfortable o you to believe in that lie.
    So be it.
    I pity you and thus like you.

  7. Let the truth prevail. Good work.


  8. You should tell us against whom you checked "your" humanity.
    Sure you will have some if it was against snakes or may be ....
    Yet you can measure it against "people" like yourself. But do not dare to compare yourself with us. At least we did not kill or stole any one's land.

  9. Those who are talking about Semitic should check their origin carefully.
    Being a Jewish doesn't make Semitic. Those who came from Europe, Russia and Africa are not Semitic. The people of this area only are Semitic. ARAB are Semitic.
    They should understand their is a difference between the religion and the race.

  10. Truth, pleaseeeeee
    You said no debates. Let them bark.
    You have to understand it is hard for them to find some one knows about their truth.
    You can feel how he is stressed and anger that his writings is full of mistakes.
    Please keep posting more shocking facts about them.. He feels pity on us. Thank him but we do not want his pity. he should keep it for his soldiers whom so far could not pass 2 Km inside Lebanon.
    What seems every thing there need a redefinition. Starting from humanity and not ending with army. I can see that he came back with you with the old accues ( Anti-Semitic). F#%$%^$ idiots.
    Thank you TRUTH

  11. Truth, please be patient with them.
    You have naked them . It is not something easy what you have done.
    Please keep working