Wednesday, August 23, 2006


In the newest conception of the World most idiotic leader, these poor Palestinian children, praying for a tomorrow where they'll have a home of their own, are FASCIST MURDERERS, or better said ISLAMIC FASCISTS. All Muslims are FASCISTS! All Arabs are TERRORIST!!! Why? Because they wanted their homes back, because they wanted their imprisoned fathers back, because they want their most essential right to LIVE!

On the first day of the Israeli Massacre over Lebanon, Mr. Bush said "Every nation has the right to defend itself". No, my dear moron, you've proven that only the US and Israel have this right. Only your brainwashed neocon Zionist nation have this right. Because Arabs are terrorist fascists that need to be exterminated because they have PETROLEUM, yes, the BLACK GOLD you're so eager to lay your hands on! So, please, MORON NEOCON FASCIST, next time at least have the decency to tell the TRUTH. And stop hiding behind the "Muslim Terrorism" crap of excuses for your wars, because as far as I know, the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of your house, city, land, COUNTRY, is fundamental TERRITORIAL RIGHT VIOLATION, and has NOTHING to do with religion! Unless you believe, just like all your Zionist Neocon Fascists that us golems have only the right to kiss your cursed hand for letting us breathe!



Saturday, August 19, 2006

24 Years Ago

24 years ago, Naji Ali, a famous caricaturist drew these caricatures.
58, 50, 39, 33, 24, 10 years ago, and today, Israeli aggression is always the same?

Insuperable !

After your insuperable army got out again from Lebanon

After 118 insuperable Israeli soldiers were killed

After 1 F-16 and 4 Apache fighters, 1 battleship, and 60 Mirkava tanks were destroyed and disabled by only around 1000 Hezbollah fighters.

Do you think we need to redefine the word insuperable !?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


One moment of silence for the victims of this unfair war...

Voices of the People

More than one month has passed since it all started.
From the very first moment, thousand of voices have risen against this war.
Thousands, nay millions, have protested against this massacre.
Why did it take a month to be stopped?