Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No Need

Condoleeza Rice just said that no need for her to come to the middle east.

Actually, she is right.
Isreal is doing very well in both Palestine
and Lebanon

pictures from AP, Al-Jazeera


  1. You forgot a few images of people Haifa and kids in Nazareth hit by Hizbollah rockets aimed specifically at civilians.. I'm not talking about hitting civilians that Hizbollah cowardly hides behind.. and not just from last week.. from all the missile bombardments since 1976 on innocent Israeli civilians.. you also forgot hizbollah hides between civilian and tries to blend in.. but don't let the facts confuse you.. an image is worth a thousand words right? no matter who is REALLY to blame..

  2. Well Mr.Guy,
    Good you mentioned the history.
    I will try to bring you some pictures from 1948 till 2006.
    Who came to the other's land and occupied it. Who started this killing.
    What seems its normal for you to see all of this killing and then blame us "why you are dying so easily"
    what seems it is your nature to kill.

  3. As racist as it sounds , but there isn't such thing as "innocent Israeli" . If you're still not convinced , please see the "Message from Israeli Children" post of this very same blog .

  4. To Truth (I'm not sure),

    If you want to tell all the truth
    than tell it all not just what convenient to you.

    Jewish and Israelis are the aim of the Arab world - to be destroyed for good.
    Well guess what?
    Not anymore - We quit apologizing.
    Try the other side.
    Blame and condemn the real people that starting over and over again and their senders (Now - Iran and Syria) not ISREAL.
    And another thing....
    at least Jews are shock from your pics or such as yours but Arabs don't care (not all of them - but most of them).
    Anyhow the situation sucks!
    SHALOM and Peace on you all.

  5. OK Mr.Moshe,
    I do not know what they are teaching you in the your history classes. Did not they told you that your grandfathers came to this area and occupied Palestine??
    Did not you hear about Deir Yassein and the other slaughters they did to the Arab???
    Can you tell every one why.
    It is not true that because the holy land , not at all. There are several Jewish in world deny this lie.
    I do not have any reason for your coming to our land.
    I promise you to keep putting pictures for the Israel's crime. Although we do need and seek for peace.
    By the way all this is the truth not what convenient to me.
    Peace for you as well

  6. i found new phrase on the internet coined by somebody..

    it's ZioNAZI..

    Don't know if it's Zionist + Nazi, or Zionist + Ashkenazi??

    Must be Zionist + Nazi, because it would be racist to associate Ashkenazi race with Nazi..