Thursday, July 27, 2006

From Gaza

Yesterday, 24 killed 65 injured
Did the CANNIBAL get full??????

AlJazeera, Getty Image


  1. You make me sick, I have heard about such cheap propaganda.
    Using children like that; most of thus pictures are, how will I phrase it? They are wall directed.
    I have never seen such hatred in one man.
    You dare call yourself "truth". While more then 90% of what you show, write, and say is simply a lie, a big lie filed with stanch of racism and anti-Semitism.
    Shame on you!!!
    You people call it a crime to protect your country and your people.
    Wall it is not a crime to protect your country and your people, what Israel is doing.
    On the other hand, it is a crime to use people as a human shield and that is what Hezbollah, Hamas and all the other terror organizations are doing in the name of Islam.

    What you publish does not heart me at all because it is not the truth – as I mentioned before most of it is work of a very good director who knows his job.
    You should call yourself 'half-truth and lots of lies'.

    I believe you should look for a definition to the word HUMANITY instead of sending others to look for it.
    No one will kill myself for you or any one else(except for suicide boomers) , I will only pity you and people like yourself, people who prefer to believe in the lies of their leaders, people who have been brainwashed so badly to hatred as wall as to believe in a truth that is actually a big lie.
    I would never compare myself with you; I would never compare myself with lowlife scumbag like yourself! I would never degrade myself to your level!
    Yet still, I have more Humanity in my pinky then in your entire body – do not lecture me about Humanity (furthermore I do not compare my humanity to snakes as you do).
    You made yourself a new definition for the term 'civilians' when it comes to Israeli civilians, jest to justify their murder you are so pathetic.
    I guess you and those like you consider the murdered civilians in Israel like ants killed by a nutty boy, isn’t it true? – For you killing Israelis is the same as killing ants.
    Wall little one you are racists and anti-Semitic.
    Killing is something every day you and people like you are supporting and trying to do you call it ' Jihad '- killing in the name of god. Lying is your nature not mines.

    Israel is my country by right!

    This is the truth - *The Truth*, not my truth or yours, but the realty's truth.
    Truth hearts, Is it?
    Can you handle the truth?
    On the other hand, you jest want to keep believing in a lie, I believe it is more comfortable o you to believe in that lie.
    So be it.
    You poor man, I still pity you and thus like you – keep believe and live in your lies and live with your hatred.

  2. what a poor people.
    Guys sorry , I will keep his comment , they have to release some pressure, other wise they will die , then they will accuse Hezbollah, Hamas, Lebanon , Syria, Iran , India, China and may be me !!!!!!
    Because we did not care about their feelings when we decide to put them in front of the mirror.
    So please forgive me for making you read such things.

  3. Using sinuous and cynical words to avoid the truth nicely done.
    Real and sane people wont blame you for letting them read the truth they will thank you for it.

  4. 26 NOW
    By the way, I am not waiting thanking from any one because I showed your face. They already knew.

  5. and what face do i have?

    why wont you show yours - the face of alier!

  6. DIRECTED !!??
    wake up Mr... wake up. it is not Hollywood… it is the true massacres you are doing.
    Call it whatever you want, I can understand why you don’t believe it. The good thing is that it is not published for you to certificate… the whole world know about your crimes now, and no need for your certification… it is too big to hide Mr.

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  8. For someone who sent thanking in Arabic.
    I want to thank him for his nice words

  9. Rastafari - AndersJuly 28, 2006 at 3:46 PM

    anonymous, dude you've some serious hatred in your heart.
    I can not understand why you cant come close to admiting that what your people is doing is wrong. Any foreign persons with common sense that have gone to the Holy Land and seen the opression thinks it's wrong, even they were pro-zionist before (that is a fact). Only a person with no love for other people cant see it as well. For your own sake, try seeing things as they are instead of how you want to see it. With that said, any party killing innocent people are terrorists and are insuring a place in hell.

  10. Mr Anonymous ...... hmm Wat can i say hmmmm i think some thin wrong with ya or ur still 10 years old cuz ur thinkin is so childish haha i saw in ur comment that u said that isrealy should protect there country and i think ur trully right they should protect there country so i think u should go to USA and protect this country not coming to other people country and say its ur country the kill the people living in it and saying ur protecting ur country O.o its like some one comes to ur house and try to kick u out of it and when u try to come back to ur his house u kill his kids and say its my house i have to protect it loool am sorry Mr. but ur words are so cheap and i think u dun understand wats goin on i think u got a perfect brain wash . well Mr nothin to say more cuz its not worth it ur not in the level of understanding that may make me discuse this thing with ya ...