Sunday, July 30, 2006

The 2nd Qana

Today's morning Israel attacked CIVILANS homes in Qana.
At least 57 people were killed, HALF of them are Children. In details 63 people were in the home ,the air strike occurred at 1 AM local time. Al-Jazeera correspondents reported that the people there are very angry from Israel and USA. They are saying it is USA not Israel only. Yet they are still saying we want Hezbollah.
I will try to collect the pictures as they published
This is the gift from Condy and Bush.
No more talk about any Int' LAW, any sense of Human
If you do not feel any thing about this,
You are DEAD
You may read the news AlJazeera English , AP

PS: The !st Qana was in 1996 . At that time Israel killed 103 civilians most of them are women and children while they were in the UN headquarter in Qana.

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