Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not normal

What kind of weapons did this????


  1. I want to ask the Arabs leaders: especially Saudian, Jordanina, Egyption, and Kuwait what would you do if this is your son?
    do you stil believe that the Arab people are sentimental and emotional? The Arab people who choose you, If they choose you.

  2. may god do that to thier sons for they are the first to be blame even before Israel itself. the nations should get red of them as soon as possible

  3. citizen and enragedJuly 23, 2006 at 8:02 PM

    Israel has risen ! May Arabs hang their heads in Shame !!!

    Despite the title , the content of this post isn't anti-Zionist. Last night I found during the retrospective of the news that Israeli Peace millitants held a big protest against the war in Tel Aviv, protest which was supported by the political Left Party and was even attended by some of the politicians (AL-Jazeera). Israel, despite everything, is a democratic country, in the sense that the same way it's citizens decide whom should rule them, the citizens have the power to remove those rulers found unfit for their duties. Therefore, if governments actions don't line up with public's demands, it's mass designation .

    Now let me talk about the Lebanese Democratic Government, elected by the people, strongly supported by Nobel Prize For Democracy Nominee Wannabe G.W.Bush. It's day 12 of the war, yet what problems concern our mighty democratic Arab politicians :
    Saad Hariri :"Government will not be responsible of Hizbollah's war", although Hizbollah is part of the "democratic" Lebanese Government. "There are serious Syrian interests behind this abduction, and it's their way of replying to Israeli's war planes which scouted Syrian Coast last week" , "Syria had orchestrated all this maskerade so it will gain turistic benefits from the destruction of Lebanon"
    Junblat:"Syria is behind this, as it desperately tries to get it's clutches on Lebanon again", "We should avoid like hell any humanitarian atempt from Syria, as by this way, it will regain control of Lebanon", "It's Syria and Iran behind this abduction, and it's part of their evil plan to get their hands on Lebanon and destroy all democratic efforts of the Lebanese People" . Now really, Mawlaya Waleed, I understand English prety well and I don't need to hear your generously repeated translations of Mr Bush's shit (and I use one of Mr Bush's own words, mind).
    Jaajaa : "Syria will pay for this", "Our main objective is to refuse Syrian and Iranian interferences in Lebanon", "Syria's actions will turn against itself".
    Faysal Aal Saoud, King Abdullah of Jordan, Mubarak :"Hizbollah shal be held responsible for it's actions, and Lebanese Government is free of charges".
    I won't repeat Mr Bush shit, as we're sick and tired of it.
    Sources: CNN, BBC, LBC, Al Arabia, Al- Jazeera .

    Now, of all the declarations above, did I hear any call or attempt to cease fire or humanitary help for the victims civilians?
    One last thing, Dear Lebanese Democratic Government: bear in mind that after all this will be over, the democratic Lebanese People will absolutely democraticly kick the beJesus out of your democratic arses.
    Long Live Democracy!

    Let there be Truth!