Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This was in a town called Marwahen in south Lebanon

Those people were escaping from their village after the UN forces refused to protect them
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  1. It hurts to see the pictures you post, I cant tell you how much i'm sorry for the death of innocent children and the destruction of the cities, you must get rid of hizballa...that's the only solution the same way u got rid of syria.

  2. What hurts more that you think by killing all of us, you will be get rid of Hizballa.
    We still need Hizballa by the way

  3. may Allah help us to change ourselves in order to merit his help for changing our shameful situation, and may Allah gives patient to the parent of those children who left out from our ugly world to the heaven in shaa Allah.

    I hope, i was there fighting with my brothers to protect the land and the families, against this garbage israil.

    (yours.....someone from Egypt)

  4. i hope you keep this site on and expand it with photos from 80s so we can all understand that history repeat itself untill we do something....
    we pray for you

  5. I live in the UK.All we get here from the BBC are pictures from Haifa,Jerusalem and thousands of people who want to leave.The zionist views and perspectives are rammed down our throats. I urge everybody to write to the BBC and complain.The zionist lobby does it all the time,within seconds of anything being slightly critical of Israel.We must unite for peace and justice.Please keep on posting pictures.Thank you.

  6. Please send these words to Mr Koufi Anan
    don't you see what happen to these creatures ( I said creatures instead of Arab children to trigger off the hiden sense of your humanity in your deep darken conscience). After you leave the UN, you will wake up every day at night and look at the mirror to say to your self how dark I am I did nothing to these creatures

  7. see the roots of terrorism:


    to all israeli people who claim they are peaceful

  8. the oldest post are more important to show. how about putting them in the beginning?