Thursday, July 20, 2006

The REAL Holocaust

They are using an international prohibited weapons

IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice picture took the pictures from Al hama in 1982 ?

    The Hama massacre occurred when the government of Syria attacked the town of Hama and killed thousands of people on February 2, 1982. Amnesty International claims that 10,000-25,000 were killed at Hama

    Is there any "human being" says for such pictures (NICE)!!!!!

    Why you are so angry???
    Is it because you saw yourself in this blog, or was it because you discover the reailty of yourself and your people???
    or because you found how much you are bloody ????

  3. This is what u always are clever about.. saying that all of these pictures or stories r faked by arabs… well what can we do if this is ur policy… keep telling lies, and more lies… until people starts believing.
    Look mr bloody… I can understand why u refuse to believe the truth, ur truth… but don’t forget that we are not American people dominated by CNN news.

  4. You know ? I wanted to reply to mr Nir , but I thought that ignoring him is way better .

    Go on , truth !

  5. Thank you Citizen.
    Promise you to keep posting


    to all israeli people who claim they are peaceful