Thursday, July 20, 2006


We are killing the terrorists


  1. may god burn them all in hell forevevr and ever

  2. I sure hope that you will end like Lebanon…

  3. Sorry I can not say thank you for your hoping.
    I have a question: do you feel as a human being or not?????

  4. we shoould kill all the arabs before they will take over the world

  5. well... for u Israeli people… u will not b pleased until u c the whole world burning by ur fire.. and all of its people dying under ur war machine.. then u, u only will be taking over all the world… or what is left of it

  6. or may be all the jews should be killed do we say???

    no i dont want to.. but we all know what yisrael wants.. all the world is belong to them and to get this everythings is OK.. to kill childrens and women especially... go and kill them.. one by one , country by country.. America is with you with all the jews anyways... you are a big power arent you..

    for you ,hezbollah is just a pretext.. believe me

    one day somethings gonna happen and as thousands years ago happened , this cruel nation will dissappear at the bottom of a SEA

    what..yeah.. a miracle!