Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I told you!!!!

It is not between Arabs and Jewish
It is between Arabs with Jewish AGAINST Zionist


  1. sorry truth but i doubt that such a religious jewish could be paceful if u told me left wing or just normal non religious people are supporting lebanese i could believe it. they could be acting here just to fight back the tremendous propaganda against them these days

  2. Thank you Greg,
    It could be true as you said.
    Actually , as I know, there are several Jewish movement against Zionist. I guess one of them even did not agree to visit "Israel" as it is illegality state. But any way, I just put those pictures to say we do not have problem with Jewish. I mean being a Jewish is not the reason for any "hate" from Arabs or even Muslims toward them. The problem is when it comes with Zionist.
    By the way regarding your note about the left wing, if you go through this blog, you may find a useless debate between me and a left wing person from "Israel". As he said he is also not religious person. Unfortunately, he is more conservative than whom claim they are the right wing. I do believe he is not alone, as I seen them on TVs saying things that even the most rightist people would surprise to hear it.
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Actually, it IS about religion. Some of the orthodox jews believe that we (Israelites) should'nt be in Israel, as long that the messiah is not here to reunite everyone. But let's say that the messiah will come tomorrow morning, the Torah and the jewish belief says that we ought to annhilate and destroy any people who are not jews sitting on the holy land of israel, as God gave it to us, without having mercy on children, women and even animals (like the Amalek war, which was a "Mitzvah war").

  4. citizen and agnosticJuly 26, 2006 at 7:58 PM


    What kind of Messiah could bring such salvation and peace on the expence of all the other peoples?
    You know what I think? I think that the only two ways Salvation will come to us, Eartlings, is either by nuclear war or by asteroid collision.
    God forbid!

    Let there be Peace!

  5. to mr Truth:
    what peacful people u hope there are???

    look at this peacful israeli author..look to the israeli comments..too scary! can't believe what kind of hatred they have in their chests! i just could not read everything because i got stomach ache after the first 50!!!!!


  6. Well Thank you all.
    I am in some how with you and agree with most of you ALL said.( except the only two ways of salvation)
    What I wanted to say from those pictures that we Arabs (Muslims/Christians) do not hate people because of their religion.
    And please it is not what peaceful people u hope there are???
    NO. I think we should ask how much there are of those people. Let's hope they are a lot.
    I said once it is not about the religion itself as it is about our misunderstanding for the religion. Any religion.

  7. this so called iews are waiting for "massaiah" to come and banish (yes, kill...) all the non jews from the land of israel. meanwhile they are making good money on you, fools.
    israelies are trying to share the land that was stollen from them 2000 years ago and occupied by invadors from the saudi arabe.

  8. It is better for you to go and check how you the Israelis killed even the Arab Jewish.
    You blind