Monday, July 24, 2006


This family escaped to Tyre from South of Lebanon after they were told to evacuate from their village
In the way, Israeli air strike hit their van directly

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  1. Truth could u plz explain why hizbulla kidnapped th israeli soldiers? why your prisoners are in jail?
    could you please provide some links to that?
    anyway i still agree that israel is the criminal here


  2. OK peter ,
    Thank you for asking.
    You can say there are two reasons for why Hezbollah kidnapped the two soldiers:
    1-To release some pressure from what happening to the Palestinian people in Gaza.
    2-It proved that it is the only way to get prisoners exchange. You might know it happened before that Hezbollah and Israel did prisoners exchange.

    You might heard that this was because of Syria and Iran. I can not say that was true. You can say that both of those two countries did not do anything for him.The most important thing , there is no evidence.
    You can see here in this blog the following
    in this post you can read a parts from an interview with Noam Chomsky in Democracy now. You can access the full text from there.
    Regarding why they are there?
    It depends on their cases individually. Some of them either been captured during military actions, others have been kidnapped when Israel was taking control in South of Lebanon.
    Keep in mind that Hezbollah not only want to make the exchange with them, NO. along with them he will exchange other Arabs and Palestinian prisoners. There is no exact number for how much they are. The most accurate seems 11000 people, including women and children. More than 95% of them are 100% civilians.
    Tell me if you need further explanation.


    to all israeli people who claim they are peaceful

  4. Again, Thanx for posting this URL...
    nice to see how peaceful their plans were, how peaceful their claims are, and how peaceful thier attitude will be.

  5. THE TRUTH OF TALMUDJuly 25, 2006 at 5:38 PM

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