Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is it a revenge???????????

Because they lost in 2000
PROMISE , they will loss again

It is about the PEOPLE

They will heal each other then together will rebuild LENANON



  1. Tedy, Israely studentJuly 28, 2006 at 3:02 AM

    I'm sorry, if "they" is Israel, so we did not lose, Israeli civillian whanted the army to leave lebanon.

    so the army left, It wasn't hizbala or Iran or el-kida.
    they are all irrelevant for Israel.

    Israel continue warning civillian befor shooting, hizbala shoots civillion.

  2. Tedy, Israely studentJuly 28, 2006 at 3:04 AM

    no it isn't.

  3. Oh yah,
    your army warn the civilians in order to shoot them while evacuating… don’t you see the pictures, don’t you watch the news (other than CNN and yours of course).

    Secondly, what is this mix between Al-Qaeda and Hizbullah? you speak now like George Bush… mentioning things that he once memorized and unable to make any link between them.

  4. And about your army leaving Lebanon in 2000… you want to tell me that you left for the sake of peace, or alone without any reason!!?? Israel invaded south Lebanon since 1982, so what were they doing till 2000. without the resistance of Hizbullah, you would never have left.
    Consider it loose, agreed-on retraction, journey to the sea.. or whatever you want… your army retreated because they where loosing soldiers and unable to secure south of your state.

  5. Israel was loosing soldiers ?
    as I recall maby 10 soldiers did in the last year, 73 solders did in a helicopter accident in 1997, do you baelive, there were at list 1000 soldiers in south lebanon in 2000 when Israel left the area.

    I will qoute some gay from the t.v "it's not more then a mosquito"

    the mix with el-something, is because they released a tape saying they are going to join hizbala.

    *p.s - I'm going for the weekend to my parents house, so I won't be aboule to go on line.

  6. Will as you said . You lost 1000 soldiers in 2000.
    So in that year in particular you lost soldiers and that is why you withdrawn.
    The joke will be that if you will say because we are peaceful country and we did the UN resolution 425.
    Well, it took from you 22 years. You are very quick in response.