Sunday, December 28, 2008

Westren Media won't broadcast this

From Aljazeera Arabic

Massive Israeli air raids on Gaza

Israeli F-16 bombers have pounded targets across the Gaza Strip, killing more than 200 people and injuring at least 700, according to local medical workers
From BBC

Witness describes Gaza attacks

From BBC

Israel launches missile attacks on Gaza - 27 Dec 08

It is, according to Israel, just the beginning.

A wave of missile attacks on the Gaza Strip, which began on Saturday morning, bombarded security compounds belonging to Hamas, which controls the coastal territory.

Clayton Swisher reports.
Aljazeera English

Gaza's massacre 5

Gaza's massacre 4

As you all know, they said it in 2006 , they want to stop the rockets and they could not. Here again they are saying they want to stop the rockets and they can not. The defense minister said today that the Israelis in north of Gaza they should expect 200 rockets daily in the coming days. What is all about then? it is just their desire to see the blood. This picture is just today after the air strikes shown a smoke from a rocket launced by resistant forces in Gaza.

Gaza's massacre 3

Within 27 hours over 285 people were killed, over 700 were injured. Today Israelis' newspaper said that the plan was already discussed over the last month. This means that all of this has nothing to do with the cease-fire treaty. Again and again they are a bunch of layers. So far they can not stop the local made rockets and they won't, simply because they can not. It is like you are trying to kill a fly with a gun. Even if it was self-defense, I never saw someone will kill 300 people just because he is defending himself. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ELECTIONS. Not surprising the one who can kill more will win in a society, its history was written by the blood of the Palestinians and Arabs, a society was built by the skeleton and skulls of the poor people in Palestine. The targets were building, homes, police headquarter, prison, drugs factory and mosque.

Number of victims in IOF massacre in Gaza rises to 155 ...

This video may contains strong scene

GAZA 27 12 08

From SKY news


From CNN, early report with terrible pictures

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel launches air strikes on Gaza

From Russia Today

Gaza's massacre 2

Gaza's massacre 1

Today the "Israelis" killed over 155 persons and over 240 were injured including children, women and men. News agencies reported from Israeli's TV that this is just a start, and during this operation many types of airplanes and various types of weapons.
I do not understand if those stupid Israelis think that there are really an army in Gaza or there is a true threat from this strip. It is that every new prime minister, or even a candidate for the cabinet he or SHE must taste the Palestinian blood taste. This what is happening now in Gaza. More photos will uploaded later.
The targets are policemen headquarters & offices, houses and a mosque.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Clashes erupt in Israeli-run prison

Israeli police entered Ofer prison outside Ramallah to quell the riot which erupted on Saturday [Reuters]

At least seven Palestinian detainees and three Israeli guards have been injured in a prison riot, according to Yaron Zamir, a prison service spokesman.

The clashes in the Ofer detention centre near the West Bank town of Ramallah erupted on Saturday when dozens of Palestinian inmates started throwing objects at guards who had entered to search a prison ward, Zamir said.

"Following the violence a larger force was sent into the ward and order was restored shortly afterwards," he told the AFP news agency.

Seven prisoners injured after inhaling tear gas were treated at the jail. Three guards were lightly injured by objects thrown at them, Zamir said.

More than 11,000 Palestinians are held in Israeli prisons, many of them detained for long periods without trial.

Nour Odeh, Al Jazeera's correspodent reporting from Ramallah, said: "Palestinian detainees inside the miltary camp tried to prevent Israeli prison authorities from raiding their sections and undertaking a search of the wards.

"We have heard repeatedly from these detainees about the humiliation they undergo on a daily basis during these searches.

"And it was at this point they [inmates] wanted to protest against the measures undertaken by the Israeli prison authorities."

She said that calm appears to have been restored and situation brought under control. But it is unclear whether the Israeli authorities will respond to the Palestinian prisoners' frustrations and grievances after the latest incident.

Gaza fatality

In the Gaza Strip, meanwhile, a Palestinian man has been killed in an Israeli missile attack - the first death since the end of a six-month-old ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which controls the Palestinian territory.

Ali Hijazi, 22, and two other men who were wounded in Saturday's incident were members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, witnesses said.

The air raid targeted a group of fighters firing rockets towards Israel, an Israeli military official said.

The attack in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip came a day after the end of the ceasefire.

Sherine Tadros, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Gaza, said: "The [Israeli] military told us that six projectiles have been launched from the Gaza Strip towards southern Israel.

"This is coming as very sad news for the people here who once again find themselves in the position they were in before the ceasefire, in terms of this almost daily aggression by Israel and very uncertain times in terms of what will happen next.

"From the Israeli side they have said that ... as long as there is peace from the Palestinian side they will respond with peace. But if there is aggression by Palestinian factions, they will fight back with force."

A ceasefire agreed in June officially ended at daybreak on Friday, after Hamas said it would not renew it.

Hamas blamed Israelis for the failure of the ceasefire, saying that they had not lived up to their obligations under the deal by continuing a blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Aljazeera English

Starting again

Of course they do not need a reason to start, as if they ever stooped.
Yesterday in Gaza a man was killed and others were injured including this girl.
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Do you still remember us?!

نشرها لاصدقائك بالعالم - واجب وطني وأخلاقي
Spread it to your friends in the world
It is ethical and humanity mission

Do you still remember us?!

We are still under siege,


And hunger.....

Do you still remember us?!

To get water we have to walk so far.....

To fill a bottle or a jar......

Do you still remember us?!

We still have No food.....

Or medicine to be fed.....

Our kids.....

are dying every day.....

in their beds.....

And many have just tears toshed.....

Do you still remember us?!


is everywhere.....

that sometimes we have No place,
to make
Our prayer.....

Do you Really still remember us?!

We have nothing but pain.....


And daily sadness......

to Share.....

So do you still remember us?!

At least in your prayer?!

Gaza children implore you!
They are dying due to the blockade!

There is 'growinghumanitarian crisis,'
happening in Gaza.....

There is an EXTREMErestricted access,
food, water, andmedicine!!

Signature made by :



Saad - burnt by an unconventional Israeli bomb.

.....don't forget us!!

Please do Remember us!

Gaza Needs Your Voice!