Monday, July 31, 2006

The 2nd Qana


  1. israeli and proudJuly 31, 2006 at 6:09 PM

    you keep taking pictures for the same dead people over and over again to makes them seem so many

  2. Are you sure that you have EYES.
    They should be two OK

  3. You should call your blog ' Hezbollah's crimes ' what you are showing is actually the crimes of Nasrallah.
    Who else is using those women and children as their human shield? Who uses them as his armor and smile like that man is doing?
    Can you tell me?

  4. Obvious you are not only do not have eyes, only you do not have heart to see from it.
    You should not speak in this way, that Hizbullah used them as human shield. You already killed UN observers whom Hizbullah did nit use them.
    You can not prove that Hizballah used them. Do not ask me to prove that he did not. Because it will be like someone who asks the others to prove that the sun rises from East??? or someone who stands upside down and says why the world looks upside down.
    So stop showing the others your stupidity, because it is disgusting.

  5. never mind his silly racist comments, even Jewish admit its a lie..ofcourse not simple uneducated jews..

    The "hiding among civilians" myth

  6. You knew what if convincing yourself that I am stupid makes you fill batter so be it.
    After all, for some one who has prejudice it is batter to believe that all jaws are stupid and all jaws do not knew what they are talking about, pity.
    Unfortunately I don’t have any access to documented military material (see this is a good point ram me about) but there is documentation of rocket launchers after firing on Israeli civilians hurrying up to hide in a Lebanese civilian houses then explain this to me: .
    What do you have to say to me?

  7. Not only blind and Stupid but also shameless.
    Can you tell us if that was true. NO SINGLE PHOTO from south of Lebanon showed any fighter from Hezbollah is being killed. Not in Qana nor in any other place.
    Do not be stupid again and say because they do not announce, all the western corespondents are there, no single photo. Do not be shameless and say the "Israeli" army showed the bodies. YOU showed nothing. Only bodies in bags . May be they are your fighter's bodies. who knows.
    By the way who made that tape. Simply you can compare it with the other tapes released by USA army in Iraq, you can compare at least the quality. Then you can recognize how much you sere blind in your heart to believe such thing. I can fake a better one by the way.

  8. israeli and proudAugust 2, 2006 at 8:26 PM

    they all look the same to me..dead animals.

  9. you said it: "I can fake a better one by the way."-your words.
    so i guess.... all those pictures are fake ?" I can fake a better one by the way." you said it!

  10. All I ask God for is to keep me sane...listening to the stupid Isrealis on this website just kills my brain cells, they are just wrong by all standards of human beings!!! everything they say just makes me go crazy!! The funniest/saddest this ever when they start mentioning who started things first!!! I want to say one thing that I want every damn Isreali to put in his mind....You started everydamn thing that happened on our holy land!! as a Palestinian you have always been my nightmare!!! you came to our land...u came to our land..u came to our land..YOU CAME TO OUR LAAANDDDD....So dont give bulshit about who started what!!! its all because of u inhuman creatures that look like humans! its all our right to defend our land! and fight for our freedom!!
    Why would you ever share your house with me if I cam from no where and killed your brothers and raped your mother and killed her with an axe! and dragged your father with my military huge SUV until he died, and then bombed your house, and when u slaped me, I said "you slaped me first", thats why U KILLED ME?!?!?! you are just insane, you are nothing but crazy people that what Palestinians to pay the price for your Holocaust, well guess what..I think we have to exchange labels, here you go take off Hitlers label and put it on your forehead, and give me you ancestors' sign to put it on my chest!! and now things become to make sense to me!!!! just a reminder of this metaphore:
    Hitlers sign is now ISREAL'S FLAG
    ancestor's sign is now PALESTINE'S FLAG!!!
    we are never equal...when I kill it will never be like u killing me, I kill for revenge, degnity, land and freedom which I doubt that you would understand these words! but u when ever u kill a Palestinian you are just being more more Isreali which is a big curse it self!