Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Does Hizbulla use all of those builidings ???
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  1. What do you do to get Hizballa off the area , or maybe you prefer terror to be close to you?
    The web site proud to show the "israeli crimes" but forgot to show the arabs crime, because you are innocent?

  2. Yah... u r right.
    The pictures show how merciful the Israeli army is,
    How right it is the cause of this war.
    Yah… those murdered children are not innocent, nor victims… they r people who deserve to die just for the sake of ur cancer-like so called Israel state.

  3. Hizbulla and the Jewish Rabbis are all the same. Both fucked (sorry) with the same ideas. both sides should get together and free the world from all those who hear God speaking to them

  4. links don't work!?