Sunday, August 13, 2006


For the all children whom I could not record the crimes done against them,
For all of those whom used and kept coming to the blog looking for the truth,
For Palestine and Lebanon
for not being able to show the crimes done against them since my last post.
I do hope that every one of us tried to search for such facts by himself , that is the only way makes me forgive myself for not updating you.
For the "Israelis" do not be so happy because f my circumstances , I think the whole world know now about your crimes. Wake up, it is more than 1 month and your leaders still lying to you. More than 1 month and they achieved nothing so far AND THEY WILL NEVER ACHIVE ANY THING


  1. Its good to have you back , Dont bother to be sorry for that ;)

    Your Brother Mohammad \ Syria

  2. Yeah, i can see it coming. This is the begining of the end if you know what i mean. If you don't, tough luck, all what you need to do is just wake up. Iknow you will soon.

    Human being / Israel

  3. We are all sorry... We can not blame anyone but ourselves...

    Zionists are not brave enough to stand long enough in a brave war against us. It is our fault, it is not their strength, it is our fault that we hate each other, it is our fault that we do not stand for ourselves, it is our fault that we are scared to loose what we have. It is our fault that we are not following our faith…