Wednesday, August 23, 2006


In the newest conception of the World most idiotic leader, these poor Palestinian children, praying for a tomorrow where they'll have a home of their own, are FASCIST MURDERERS, or better said ISLAMIC FASCISTS. All Muslims are FASCISTS! All Arabs are TERRORIST!!! Why? Because they wanted their homes back, because they wanted their imprisoned fathers back, because they want their most essential right to LIVE!

On the first day of the Israeli Massacre over Lebanon, Mr. Bush said "Every nation has the right to defend itself". No, my dear moron, you've proven that only the US and Israel have this right. Only your brainwashed neocon Zionist nation have this right. Because Arabs are terrorist fascists that need to be exterminated because they have PETROLEUM, yes, the BLACK GOLD you're so eager to lay your hands on! So, please, MORON NEOCON FASCIST, next time at least have the decency to tell the TRUTH. And stop hiding behind the "Muslim Terrorism" crap of excuses for your wars, because as far as I know, the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of your house, city, land, COUNTRY, is fundamental TERRITORIAL RIGHT VIOLATION, and has NOTHING to do with religion! Unless you believe, just like all your Zionist Neocon Fascists that us golems have only the right to kiss your cursed hand for letting us breathe!


  1. Hi guys...i think wat you guys are doing is great. People need to be aware of the atrocities some of the jews are causing.

    do you mind if I use some of your pictures to email people who have no clue wat is happening in the mid ease?

  2. You are welcome...
    Feel free to spread out the ideas and information in this blog the way you like.
    What we are interested in is to let more people know the truth about what's going on in the middle east, by the name of democracy spreading, terrorism fighting, peace making, bla bla bla...