Tuesday, August 1, 2006

The 1st Qana

Some stupid "Israeli" sent me saying that Hezbollah is using children and women as human shield exactly as their prime minister told them.
Since it is not the first time , I will just put one picture from the 1st Qana, where those hatred people hit the UN headquarters in April 1996. I wonder if Hizboullah used the UN also ,in 1996 or 2006 as human shield.
You can access to more picture from Hal Turner shows . In that link you will see more awful pictures. Most of them were shot in 80s. It is another prove that what happening now is not defending themselves. It is a hobby, usual action, entertainment or SADISM


  1. What you really should be objecting to is Iran's use of the Lebanese as a proxy for a war against Israel. Israel has no desire to be in Lebanon, except to get its soldiers back. Don't forget who started this whole mess. It is unfortunate that some civilians get caught in the middle, but from what I have read about southern Lebanon, aside from the youngest of children...few were truly innocent.

  2. Well Mr.Justin,
    After a small look to your blog, no wonder you said something like this.
    I think we should object more to USA, since all the green lights, vetoes, smart bombs and stupid strategy made Israel and Iran do this in Lebanon. But still we trust Iran more than USA.

  3. "But still we trust Iran more than USA."

    I honestly don't blame you for saying that. I understand exactly why people feel that way. Don't misunderstand me, I do have empathy (though not necessarily sympathy) for people in that region.

    I understand why matters are they way they are. Lebanon is a tragedy of its own making.

  4. All I ask God for is to keep me sane...listening to the stupid Isrealis on this website just kills my brain cells, they are just wrong by all standards of human beings!!! everything they say just makes me go crazy!! The funniest/saddest this ever when they start mentioning who started things first!!! I want to say one thing that I want every damn Isreali to put in his mind....You started everydamn thing that happened on our holy land!! as a Palestinian you have always been my nightmare!!! you came to our land...u came to our land..u came to our land..YOU CAME TO OUR LAAANDDDD....So dont give bulshit about who started what!!! its all because of u inhuman creatures that look like humans! its all our right to defend our land! and fight for our freedom!!
    Why would you ever share your house with me if I cam from no where and killed your brothers and raped your mother and killed her with an axe! and dragged your father with my military huge SUV until he died, and then bombed your house, and when u slaped me, I said "you slaped me first", thats why U KILLED ME?!?!?! you are just insane, you are nothing but crazy people that what Palestinians to pay the price for your Holocaust, well guess what..I think we have to exchange labels, here you go take off Hitlers label and put it on your forehead, and give me you ancestors' sign to put it on my chest!! and now things become to make sense to me!!!! just a reminder of this metaphore:
    Hitlers sign is now ISREAL'S FLAG
    ancestor's sign is now PALESTINE'S FLAG!!!
    we are never equal...when I kill it will never be like u killing me, I kill for revenge, degnity, land and freedom which I doubt that you would understand these words! but u when ever u kill a Palestinian you are just being more more Isreali which is a big curse it self!

  5. Leave our country...just leave us alone! welcome as Jewish Palestinians!! but never as Isrealis...I would rather die before I get to live with an Isreali!! and thats what we call dignity!! never live with some body by force, somebody who humilated me my father my family my culture my human identity! never will I forgive you..your existence will stay a scare in my heart, just like the Nazi's sign will stay a scare in your heart, yet you have never been tortured by a Nazist...well its different for me, because you are still in my Land! and here I am waiting for you to be something in the past tense, because just somehow things that are wrong dont last!! even if they were the strongest in the picture, yet they will somehow and hopefully soon disappera from the blessed soil of my land!!
    I hate the existence of Isreal as much as I love the smell of Jerusalem's soil, the smell of our olive trees....which is A LOTTTTT!