Thursday, August 3, 2006


Unfortuntaly, I will not be able to upload more pictures of this continuous crimes at least for the next two days.
I hope I will be able to be back with you soon.
I am sorry that I could not show you more , I am sorry and feeling ashamed of myself for the Palestine and Lebanese children ,women and civilians that I could not do better than this.
For those whom will be happy from reading this, do not think it is over. I did not show your truth perfectly, and still there are more about you I will show. Just WAIT!!!


  1. I'm sorry, no more lies to spread.

    did you know that for Israel this isn't a war.
    and the government don't belive there is a point on saying this is war.

  2. keep on lieing....
    show us some more staged photos!!!!

  3. If you pretend those are lies, it shouldn't bother you so much, because as we all know, the Truth always wins, therefore I see no reason for your worrying. Unless all that he's posting is the Truth, and as we all know, Truth Hurts...

    Let there be Truth!

  4. Oh, and by the way, all the "staged photos" are courtesy of Asociated Press, France Press, Getty and other mass-media giants. So watch out whom you're accusing, because your remarks have no solid basis and are quite lame.

  5. I don't know how you darespeak about lieing. and we know that the israelian people and government are the most liar monster kind in the world.
    we know that the American and the European help you Jewish, to get rid of you, and your bad behavior and lieing.

  6. "did you know that for Israel this isn't a war.
    and the government don't belive there is a point on saying this is war."

    If you belive this, you most be mentally disturbed. Otherwise you are pointing out, that all the violence and killing is just a part of the israeli politic, that will be a part of the middleeast until the fall of the zionistic regime... - that makes sense

  7. Well,
    it is better to ask your prime minister , all of your cabenit and your army ledders to identify the word lie for you.
    It is more than 1 month till now and they achived nothing.
    If you really do care about your "Israel" it is better to ask them to leave, otherwise they will cause it to be wiped out.