Tuesday, August 1, 2006

IDF, what a joke

"Israel Defence Forces", I think they believed themselves when they called it defence. Or they do not know what is the difference between the defence and aggression. Actually for them it is the same since both include KILLING innocents.

This is Iman Hajo, 7 months old girl. Arab people know her very well. They killed her because she cried when saw one of them, her sound was ugly for their sensitive ear. So it is better to silence her for ever.
Again, this little boy made the same thing. he is crying
This man is refusing to leave his land for INVADERS
Those girls made a mistake that they liked the life and went to school. Some one told me , why do you people do not like the life? Well, give us a reason!!!!
This boy did a very bad thing to the "State of Israel" that 7 soldiers caught him. He may threaten the existence of the state. Yes, he threw a stone against a tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. israel's army proves its incapability to achieve any militarism gainings in Lebanon except killing childrens and innocent civilians besides destroying structures and roads.
    what else can we expect from scared zealots fanatics!