Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Autum Clouds!!!!!!!!!

While the Americans and the world are busy with their elections, the most lowness , meanness human-less, with full heart of hatred towards the children and the Palestinian people , with all the needed savageness , cowardliness, pusillanimity those pigs and animals whom looks like human beings and called themselves "israelis" , they attacked 100% civilians while they were sleeping in their homes and killed at least 19 people 7 of them are children , injured at least 48 people ALL are civilians.
Why , to prove to the world that such state know nothing but the language of killing and terrorist acts. ONLY


  1. They're indeed called Israeli.That don't prevent from a majority (at least 51%)of Israeli not to accept that crimes as they live in a democracy.
    But the army and the conservative have taken the upper hand ans they throw Israel with them in a criminal place.
    As a pcifist I hope taht each actor that the Hebrew State (as institution) will find the reason.