Thursday, June 4, 2009

Documenting Gaza war

As you might know, early this week a committee from UN reached Gaza to investigate about the war crimes done in Gaza by Israel during the last war. Surly there are plenty of evidences.

A comment on my previous post came telling about a great work done by a group of artiest all over the world, informing about 70 pages of articles and stories. Along with over 40 art works describing what happened.

It is my pleasure to show it here. The work tilted: Gaza Over & Over. Done by No-More-Ignorance group.

You can access their web page here and under interesting sites. The report it self can be access from their web page or directly by clicking here to download "download from Media Fire", or you can read it online from here "read from issuu".
Here is the press release of this document, along with some pictures:
Gaza: Over and Over

This 70 pages document try to summarize about Israel military aggression into Gaza Strip at December 2008 until February 2009. It contains photos, data, report and artworks related about the war. More then 30 artist involved and more then 40 artworks featured. This is the third project done by No-More-Ignorance. This document is a must for every people & organization who wants to see Israel-Palestine conflict closely.

In this occasion, we would like to ask you to tell your friends about this document. Tell them via your Facebook notes, links, DA journal, blog post, or anything. They could download our PDF file or read it online. You could post the 500px wide JPG image in this folder as a teaser in your publication. Just ask them to visit our landing page for this project. Tell them to drop by here:


If you interested with our project, you could join us on Facebook pages or Deviant Art.
Thank you very much for your help.



  1. Thank you very much for your great support..
    Appreciate your kindness..:)

    from NMI team

  2. No need to thank
    This the minimum we can do