Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Amira Abu Asr

A 18 DAYS old girl was killed by the pigs "Israeli" army. She is among other 24 Palestinian children were killed by the same pigs during last week in Gaza.

( For what crime she was killed) Holy Quran Altakwer; 81:9


  1. You so called "Palestinians" are a bunch of liers with good manipulation and photoshop skills. This is simply not true.

  2. Poor You,
    This is from International News Agency.

    I intentionally brought it from there for "people" like you.

    only truth is hurts

  3. You so called''israeli'' don't have other argument than barking that all pictures with Palestinian victims are photoshoped.What a joke.The same thing i can say about your 3-4 victims (if they really are) the same as Holocaust where died around 240-300 jews.And mind on your own business,everywhere israelis like to stick their big noses.

  4. We can only hope that one day Israel will be held accountable for their atrocities.

  5. 'so called Palestinians' were there long before the "idea' of israel. I am sick and tired of this ignorance from Israel. I have seen what they do. with my own eyes. not photoshop. why are you people in denial. dont you know the whole world, Jews and Arabs are looking at you with disgust at what you do to these innocent people. I am a Jew and Israel has brought nothing but shame to Jews. Get out of Palestine. Leave these good, decent, admirable, proud lovely people to live in peace. isnt 40 yrs (and the rest) enough.if not, at least have enough decency to turn that star into the swastika that it really represents. repression, hatred, discrimination, racism and murder.yes israel you are murderers of women and children and we can see you very clearly from the United Kingdom. Please dont cry anti semitism. this is coming from a Jew. Free Palestine!!!! NOW!! End this illegal occupation. Do right by Palestinians, by muslims, by Arabs, or nothing will be right for you.

  6. Poor little girl :-( How dare anyone say the suffering of this family is fake. I do not believe the despair so evident on these faces could possibly be faked...and the bullet wound in the little girl's head is certainly NOT photoshopped. I am thankful I live in Australia away from all of this torture. My heart goes out to these people for what has been done. I wish I could so something but all I can do from here is pray...