Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Al-Aqsa Mosque is CRYING

Al-Aqsa Mpsque has a high place in the Islamic world. Near it where the Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him left the "animal" on which he came from Makkah in Saudi Arabia to Juraslim before he went to meet God in the sky.
It is not the first time they attack this mosque, back in 1969 an extremist Jewish called Michael Dennis Rohan tried to burned the mosque.
This mosque has been under continuous aggression since the first Jewish immigrate to Palestine.
Yesterday, they attacked its sanctity again by removing two rooms and a bridge which lead to the mosques from the neighbor area, the Moroccan quarter. The seriousness of this step is that there are many tunnels drilled by the Israil's under the mosque it self. Now by removing those two rooms and the soil on which those rooms were built on , this may the mosque to collapse even by a gentile earthquake.

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