Friday, September 15, 2006



  1. Hahahahahah
    Well, it is obvious from your picture that you are still kid.
    Yet, look who is talking about fabricating pictures. What do you called the pictures in what you called a blog.
    I feel pity on you , you closed your heart and mind. You can not see what you have done to the people over the past 60 years.
    Can you tell me Mr. why I have to fabricate all of those pictures. I got them from News agencies. You will directly accuse me as anti-semitic. Be sure I am semitic more than your entire country. You may say because I hate Jewish, well I can not hate a religion I have to believe in it.
    It is all about what your country is doing man. It is all about what u have done to the original people of this land.
    So , grow up and go and read some true history books. Not the one they used to teach you in the school.

  2. I had to remove that comment because I did not want to have another stupid Israeli to come and pretend he is the clever one.
    Listen, you have all the News agencies telling your point of view. You can search this blog deeply and you find a long debate with some people from your state.
    Read it carefully and learn from it deeply.

  3. Those IDF cowards are so brave that they took a severe beating in Lebanon, those scum bags went back from Lebanon in plastic bags. Keep on muredering unarmed Palestinians you pigs, you are living in Hell, you brought this hell to yourselves. Burn in hell Tsahal